22yrs Old Not Married And Considering A Baby

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soxspoiled - May 27

I'm 22, working full time and living with my boyfriend of almost 3 years. We've talked about marriage a lot and I have already picked out my engagment ring. We have a 1 bedroom apartment right now, but in Feb. are going to relocate to a 2 family house. He is 5 years older than me, and really wants a baby now. My one sister is 24 with a 2 yr old son, and my step sister is 26 with a 3 yr old son (neither married or with their baby fathers). I know that I'm going to be with my boyfriend forever and I do really want a baby, just nervous about what my family will say. Any suggestions?


iona - May 29

What does your bf say...? Does he want a baby now?


Angelwings - June 1

I'm 23 and my fiance and I really want a baby now. We aren't even living together yet so you're a step ahead of us. My advice is to do what makes you and your boyfriend happy. If both of you agree that you want a baby now then go for it. It doesn't hurt to start trying since it may take up to a year to successfully conceive. As for what your family will think...even if they are skeptical at first, once the new addition comes along I'm sure they will only love and support you, your boyfriend and you're baby. Good luck!


LIN - June 1

You're right at the most free time in your life. Don't waste it (of course not that children are a waste, but you still have loads of time left to have them). See the world while you're young and have this freedom and can backpack and stay in hostels, because it's impossible to see it the same way later. If you go travel the world a bit before you have children, you will be so thankful you did it later. Everyone I knew at 22 knew they'd be with their boyfriend forever, and now none of them are. Not saying that you'll necessarily split up, but there is a good chance that can happen, and if you don't, well then you can still have kids with him later. Why the rush?



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