26 Is The Best Age For Pragnancy

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silpa - May 23

what is the best age for pragnancy? how many days s_x should be done to get pregnancy?


Teddyfinch - May 24

the best age would be whenever you're ready mentally and in maturity. age is just a number.


LIN - June 1

Actually, I like the t_tle of your thread. 26 is probably a great age to have a kid (not sooner - too much to do for yourself), but only if you're absolutely, positively sure without a doubt that you want to have babies with the guy you're with. I didn't meet my dream man until I was 30 (was with the wrong guy for 10 years), and I just had our first child at 35. There couldn't have been a more perfect time in my life (unless I'd met him earlier!).


Kiersten - June 3

LIN, not everyone feels the need to do things for me, me,me. I prefer doing things for my son and husband and am perfectly content with the choice we made. Depending on the person and circ_mstance...YES sooner than 26 is fine. I'm not going to hop on here and argue with you throughout the thread, but I get tired of hearing from people that you have to live your life and do your own thing before having children. Well, I want to live my life with my husband and family and am glad I started earlier than 35. That was your decision. This was ours. Don't a__sume that anything younger than 26 is too young please.


LIN - June 4

What is this me, me, me comment about, Kiersten? The life experiences that define you in your 20s don't just benefit you. They benefit your children as well, because those experiences are what you learn from and what make you the person you are. I didn't say that it's not possible to get by and have a decent life if you start early. That's certainly very possible, though a happy one is not so common nowadays. It can just be a more full and well rounded life if you wait. Are you trying to say that you and your experiences are unimportant compared to you husband and kids? That's what it sounds like. If that's true, then I feel sorry for you. There is so much more to life than just kids, and it's possible to have it all if you wait. I love my family more than anything in the world, but I love my pre-family life just as much. Can you say that? You're trying to justify having kids early, but guess what? I don't have to justify anything. I've seen the world. I've gone to school and gotten an advanced degree. I've rock climbed in exotic places, learned a few languages and shared all of that in some incredible quality time with my husband. I've had wonderfully fulfilling life experiences. And now I have a wonderful family to boot. I've got it all, and that is not an exaggeration. What have you accomplished for yourself? What defines you outside of being a mother and wife? Nobody says you HAVE TO live your life and do your own thing before having children, but there's a reason why you hear them say it so often. Because you're missing out on some great youth experiences that cannot be the same later. Unless a person has some known fertility issues to worry about (I had unknown ones and still wouldn't change a thing), there is absolutely, positively no reason to rush into having kids.


Kiersten - June 5

LIN, I guess I just feel like the att_tude of the world is to live only for yourself. I've known so many people who outright told me that they had no desire to mess with kids until they were at least in their late 30's so that they could live their lives and not be bothered and then when they did get pregnant had many difficulties and didn't enjoy their pregnancy. I just don't get it. Everyone is different, but I think your body handles it better when you're younger. I've had many great life experiences and it was my choice and dream to get married, start our family and begin life experiences with them. I don't feel like I've missed out on anything. I agree that in this age there aren't too many happy homes and that is so sad. I don't feel the need to justify having my children sooner in life and I can say that I'm loving where I am in life more than "pre-family life". I'm not some slave to the kitchen and bedroom and I do have my own time and space. I respect myself. I'm not interested in playing the I-did-more-than-you-did game. I personally am glad that I had my son when I did. It was perfect timing for us and I have absolutely no regrets, just as you (evidently) don't have any. I don't need to list off a huge list of accomplishments, learned languages or experiences so you can determine if I've lived my life well. I have an education I can fall back on if I ever need to and I've had many life experiences to benefit my family. Don't feel sorry for me. I'm glad you're happy with the decisions you made and I do apologize for being so rude to you in my earlier post. I know you and I differ greatly on many areas, but I hope you enjoy this season with your family. I also must thank you for how you disagree with me. I have yet to see you call people names or swear like a sailor at them. I appreciate how you define your beliefs and views without using unnecessary language. It's a refreshing change from other posters.


Moomaiden - July 29

I don't think there is a set age. It is dependant on circ_mstances. I am pregnant with my first child at 39. I would love to have had a baby in my 20s, however I miscarried at 25 and was in a terrible, abusive marriage at the time. I wanted to marry the right person and did not meet him until age 35 and was married at 36. Circ_mstances prevented us from planning a pregnancy sooner including financial and health problems. Pregnancy was not an option for me until age 38. I am 39 and 6 months pregnant. Yes, I wish I was in my mid-20s, but I would wish that baby or not.


agreen - August 14

I believe the best age for pregnancy is in the twenties. Once you reach your thirties and on you are at risk for more complications like gestational diabetes, a child born with handicaps, twins or more, and it is just easier for your body to bounce back when you're young. Read any pregnancy book and it will say the same.


clindholm - August 15

agreen- beg to differ. It depends on an individuals health at any age. Some people in their mid to late 30's are MUCH healthier than people in their 20's and are less likely to engage in risky behavior. You can read all the books you like, but statistics are general presumptions. I am not in my 20's and I was back at my pre-pregnancy weight of 112 by the time my baby was 6 weeks, so bouncing back is also dependant on general health. Try not to make a__sumptions based on age.


jenny32 - October 31

I think the age at which you are ready is the best. That could be anywhere.


Reeses - November 2

I am 26 yrs old and I just found out yesterday that I am 5 weeks pregnant (this is my first child). I think from age 25 - 30 is the best age. You are young enough that you wont be a grandma when your child gets older yet you're alot more mature than your lower twenties. My baby is due 2 weeks before my 27th birthday so i think im in the perfect spot in life to be having a baby.


ashmcc - November 22

Really 26 the best age for kids? I got pregnant for the first time at 25 baby was due at 26. After 8 years of unprotected s_x with the same man. NO pregnany until then. I loss the baby but I'm ttc again. Someone said you have a biological clock and when it ticks It Booms! SO I guess your right. Well see. Unmonitored Clomid this cycle. 7 dpo progetrone test and Hopfully I O!!


TatiK - November 23

AGE AGE AGE it really doesn't matter. Children are a big blessing to the parents and the world. I am 25 and pregnant with my FOURTH and this is one of the best things in my life to raise a family to be a stay at home mom and be a home schooling parent. I am so happy with my family life. My mother was pregnant with me at the same time. It was my first, and her sixth. I was 18 and she was 37 when we had our babies one month apart. Our girls are amazing! Auntie is younger than her niece :) Age doesn't matter. But for a lot of people that mature later in life they maybe should wait before they bring a living being into this world. Many people in this world and everyone lives a different life style. For some people education is the first priority any for others it’s not. My style wouldn’t fit yours and yours would fit mine. So let’s just stick with our own life style and not force them on anyone.


hazlepurr - November 30

Hi ladies. To me there is not best age there's just the best health stage. i would agree that most woman in there 20's are in there best health physically but not always mentally. I am 26 and have been trying to have a baby for a while now. I've already had 2 losses and that's why to me the best age is when you're in your best health.



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