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Terry - May 7

I'm 41 and ttc, are the chances good for first time moms at that age?


Michaela - May 7

Terry, Women over 35 have a high-risk pregnancy, such as their baby developing down sydrowe,heart murmers etc! At 41 (and being your first time) you will need to get screened for problems.Women over 35 are also at a higer risk of miscarrying. You can still get pregnant as long has your not hitting menopause, but you should start trying soon. You might need to go to the doctor more often.You never know this pregnancy could be smooth and easy. Good Luck, and baby dust to you! :)


Lisa - May 7

Hi Terry. I am 39 (40 in 2 months) and i have recently given birth to a beautiful baby girl. She is my 5th child. I think once you have eliminated any concerns about your baby's health, and your own, it will be smooth sailing. There is a higher risk with chromosone problems a__sociated with downs syndrome, which is only about 1 in 42, so the risk is still only minimal. There are a number of special tests available to check the foetus for any abnormalities. I had an ultra sound first to see if there was a risk to my baby, but didn't need to have an amniocentesis as the risk to me was about 1 in 1000. I think that any woman over the age of 35 in good health has a very good chance of having a perfectly healthy baby. I have recently read that social science statistics suggest that children of older mothers are more likely to do well in school and be professionals. Not that you can't do a good job when you are younger of course. You will find that you may be more tired than when you were 20, that you have more aches and pains, and there will probably be days when you wonder why you did this. But then what else is new? All the very best of luck to you. :o)


Jeanette - May 9

Hi Terry, I am 37 and 11 weeks pregnant. I was so worried about conceiving because I have heard such "horror" stories about women over 35 trying to have children. It took me 2 months (and not much trying at that!). My dr. told me that I should have a perfectly normal and healthy pregnancy but that I would feel the "symptons" of pregnancy more due to my age. Good luck to you!


Tammy - May 12

Terry, I think I definitely takes a little bit longer. With my other pregnancies I got preg immediately. With this one, I a__sumed that I couldn't get preg b/c I am age 45 and got lazy with birth control and didn't get preg for a year and a half. but.....here I am now 16 weeks preg. Don't give up. If you don't get pre within 6 months, ask your doctor to refer you to a fertility dr. Good Luck!!!


sharon - June 5

Terry, I was pregnant for the first time at 39—a week before my 40th birthday. It took us 4 months of concentrated trying without any fertility treatments. Years prior to the pregnancy I had several surgeries for endometriosis and 2 for the removal of fibroid tumors. I had a wonderful pregnancy with absolutely no problems–best I have ever felt pregnant or not! I ate very well–lots of water, no sugar, no caffeine, exercise of some sort every day, was taking prenatal vitamins before I was pregant and was eating carefully as if I already were pregnant. Most importantly, find a highly recommended Reproductive Endocrinologist and have him do all your prenatal work-up and let him advise you on what you need to do to increase your chances and take good care of yourself and baby to be. If it happened for me, it can happen for you. Good luck!! Act quickly–time is of the essense.


Wendy - June 16

Hi Terry I got pregnant 3 months before my 42nd birthday and had a beautiful healthy baby boy in May 2002. I was concerned about the risks but the specialist I saw checked the nuchal scan and said it looked OK and pointed out I had a bigger risk of a miscarriage from an Amniio than I did to having a downs baby. As it was my first baby I took her advice as I knew time could be running out. We are trying for a second baby - I'm now 44 and a half! Maybe this time I would have the Amnio test. What I do know is it took six weeks of trying the first time round. We have been trying now for six months and no joy as yet - although we are more tired than first time round and not practising so much because of this! I'd say you have a great chance - keep positive and good luck!


lila - June 16

I am 43 and got pregnant after using ovulex for two months. It can happen!


L - June 24

Good luck!


Elizabeth - June 29

Yes, i am trying at 42. I have 3 girlfriends all from different walks of life who had a baby after 40, 41 and 43-all healthy. Some with a__sistance, some without. The common denominator is they all wanted a baby, took prenatal, extra minerals, cut out caff./sodas/and all the stress. We all know we can't win without trying.


Harry - July 11

cutting out alcohol, refined sugar and drugs will help you conceived faster.


Amanda - July 19

I have an aunt that had her last child at age 42 when her other two kids were already grown. It was a surprise to them and everyone, but she had no major problems and got a healthy baby boy. I think as long as you are living a healthy life and still ovulating regularly you should be fine. Best of luck :)


VJOLLCA - August 11

I'm 43 and ttc, are the chances good for first time moms at that age?


bump - October 11



ohcla__sy - December 27

Not bad but its hard to conceive, after the age of 35



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