X Wanted Me To Post So

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coin toss - November 17

I would rather be 40 something and bringing my children to see their grandparents than starting a family . *X* will that suffice ?


coin toss - November 17

sorry wrong thread I was supposed to post on 35+


To Coin Toss - November 18

Coin Toss, if you are a teen, then why would you even go onto the 35+ section? Trying to start fights???


*X* - November 18

For the record, I'm not the one who suggested you post this question on the 35+ forum.


coin toss - November 19

don't wory about it you would have the last laugh anyway , you all would . found out today we are 21 weeks pregnant . I know , you don't have to say it , I'll say it for you , > I'll just sit here and swallow both feet with my shoes on lol . We are very happy and excited about it but geez do I ever get to eat my words now , all of them oh well , either congratulate us or have your laugh . 'peace'?


??? - November 19

How could you JUST find out you were 21 weeks pregnant?????


coin toss - November 19

the doctor denied pregnancy and so did ultrasound , making us out to look stupid . Call it a ghost pregnancy or whatever but I call it very stupid medical professionals. It really p__ses me off because there were many tests and alot of tears , until now .


Bonnie - November 19

Can I do both? I must admit the irony of it did make me laugh, lol. But honestly, congratulations! You must be so excited (though I would seriously think about changing doctors). Did you find out if it's a boy or girl?


coin toss to Bonnie - November 19

not yet (boy or girl)but you have my permission to call us happy fools courtesy of some lousy medical professionals. I just wish I wasn't so miserable about not having my parents around for our little ones . Even my stepmother just shook her head in realizing she wasn't going to get to enjoy the kids . She was so puffed up with steroids at the christmas she died just so she could see them and 2 weeks later she fell backwards like a tree while having a cigarette outside infront of the hospital (brain and lung cancer) age 71. Anyway it is happier times now but I would like to tell everyone that it is somewhat better to start earlier .(personal opinion) Thanks for both arguing and compromising me but I should probably leave well enough alone . Cheers


*X* - November 19

Congratulations, coin toss! *giggles* I'm happy to do both as well. Don't worry about your kids not getting to know their grandparents. They'll always wonder about them, but they can't really "miss" what they don't know. At least, that's how I always felt about the grandfather I never knew (who died young). Anyway, again, congratulations! I wish you the best.



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