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upset - May 20

I'm surprised to see this forum about the best age to be a parent. It's not something that can be easily answered by anyone other than yourself. Plus, PLEASE, PLEASE give a thought to those of us over 35 who are desperate to become mums - some comments people make about being too old can be really upsetting and insensitive. I think this category should be deleted!


C - May 20

I don't think people mean "too old" as in "no longer fit to become a mother". I think they mean that if they wait until they are too much older than they are now, they may bump into high risk pregnancy problems. And if 35 is your best age to become a mother, that is 100% your decision, and I certainly do not look down on you for it. Good luck TTC!


C - May 20

Also, I think that this forum is helpful to alot of women because they may be contemplating getting pregnant. Hearing when other people started their families and how it affected them is very helpful because all situations are different.


becca - May 21

yea its exactly the same with me "your too young" im a mother at 15 and there is so age too old my mum was 37 when she had me all you wanted babys go for it, its the best thing ever!!!!


Jessica - May 26

After reading this I will change my answer from 55 as too old (for me) to after menopause. It's true there are a lot of women out there that want to become a mother and I wish them all the luck and fertilized eggs in the world!


omfg - June 8

Most of these posts should have some kind of identifier at the end, where the poster's address is put so a sterilization squad can come and make sure these kids can never get pregnant. If you're under 18 and pregnant, god help us. Never have kids again. Learn to be responsible and say no, or else the sterilization squad will seal up your v____a like Fort Knox.


crystal - June 11

If these opinions upset you so much, do not read them!


to crystal - June 13

Maybe you should try to take your own advice when it comes to posts you don't like.


T - June 15

It's the same thing with people patronizing teenage mothers. I, myself am not a teen mom and it still infuriates me to read the mean, hateful things people say to these girls. It's not anyone's place but the girls parents to give them a lecture about their mistake. Some people just spend TOO MUCH TIME worrying about other people's lives when they should be worrying about their own. I think there is no right or wrong age to conceive, that is up to the parents of the baby and you will never have anything thrown your way that you can not handle. When it's right, it'll happen.


Shaz - June 19

Dont let this worry u everyone has an opinion ,dosent mean thier right. I have two children that i had at 19 and22 now everyone thought besides having a loving husband and happy marriage that i was two young . Now at 37 we are having a third child im too old . What would they know i have respectful loving children and im sure we will do just as well with the next ,just take negative comments as a compliment and add the rest to their ignorance. I pray that u are blessed with motherhood.best wishes . Also i feel sorry for very young girls becoming mothers so young , however some of the rude negative women on this site shouldnt become mothers because of their nasty uncaring remarks.Sensitivity is something needed as a mother. There are ways to hopefully discourage teen pregnancies without the discusting inputs by omfg on june 8th.


Lauren - June 24

I understand being desperate to become a mom, but it is helpful to tell others of the risks a__sociated with starting to conceive at a later age. Some people call late 30's too old because for most people they have trouble conceiving and have complications. It is necessary that people need be informed to make a decision about when to start conceiving.


to omfg - June 25

there is plenty of brilliant teen mothers out there. why should they get steralised exactly? jealous are you.


JAG - July 6

Upset, I am nearing your age and am yet to become a mother. We are not "too old" or "no longer fit". We are smarter, more mature and more responsible at our age. I am just upset to see all of these 14 year old girls just crying out for some love in their lives - thinking that a baby will fill their voids. Good luck to you if you're ttc. Us "older" women are more common and not as "high risk" as these young people think. Look at all of the women who are waiting a tad longer these days! It is pretty common these days to hear about women well into their 40's having children! Good luck to you and I'll keep you in my thoughts!


To T - July 6

T, I think the concern here is that people like you and me end up paying for all of these babies and their young mothers. I realize that we all make mistakes, but it seems that these postings are not about mistakes. They're about filling voids in young girl's lives and obviously they don't have good parental guidance or they wouln't be posting these things! Many of them don't have mature parents who would give a care in the world enough to give them a lecture!!! That's probably why a lot of us are lecturing or trying to talk some sense to them.


Jen - July 9

Well some ages are better than other when you consider the longer you wait the higher risk pregnancy you have and the chance of having a child with deformities goes up greatly. That's not trying to be mean to people who wait just scientific facts. I had my son when I was 24 and he has so much energy I don't think I would be able to keep up if I was 46. Everyone has a right to express their opinion in a pleasant manner without someone jumping down their throat b/c they got offended.


bump - October 11




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