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Trying to help - November 11

This post is for both the teenagers and older people to discuss ttc. This post has been made in hopes of decreasing the posts that continue to come up. If you 2 groups need to fight then please keep it confined to this post. Pretty much every post on the main page has fights on them so please do not keep fighting on someone elses post who really does need honest answers and not people being hostile towards each other. I have made a post for each of the 2 groups and this one so everyone should be covered. I just hate seeing other peoples posts destroyed by this ongoing fight. So please if you must fight do so on here. I hope everyone tries to make this work.


me first - November 11

I feel so alone here since I am the first who am I supposed to be bashing again . Somebody help me out here call me name or something .......anybody ? Hellooooooooo ? It's so quiet how am I supposed to argue with myself ? oh well I think you're all just chicken bock bock bock boooooooock !


Me - November 11

Are you a teenager or older? What is your opinion on these fights that seem to be breaking out every where? Just give your honest opinion and from the looks of all the other posts you should have someone to fight with very soon.


me first - November 11

I'm older and really don't know how to really get into a good one but I'm willing to try .


me first - November 11

I think the fights are what, trying to help said .it is frightening that people who need honest answers get the old shock treatment but equally some of the questions are just as shocking . Am I supposed to call you a name or something maybe I need a coach .?


Me - November 11

What questions do you find shocking? and no i dont think you are supposed to call me a name but feel free if you want to.


me two - November 11

shoot even when you are trying to be nice you get a fight. I just think that people come on here and read these post the wrong way which is very easy to do since it is just typed out. Ummmmmm! Let's see... I cannot think of any good fight picker..........


me first - November 11

I have an idea for later but for now I'll call you a "fish" is that appropriate enough to start a fight


to Me from me first - November 11

ok you were not really looking for an argument so I will take back calling you a fish . I suppose I have trouble with a few issues on both sides I try to mean well with both but find it hard to come across in a good way all the time and I think alot of people feel the same way . On one hand it digusts me that some people can be so hard on the younger girls and the first thought which comes to mind is that we the older generation/society could side with them more as a helping hand yet/and there are many colonies out side of mainstream society where girls at a young age of 13 and 14 are so well trained in child rearing some could run circles around us . Now as far as we go whenever we look back at as if we were to have children young we usually see ourselves as incapable , unstable and far too immature to have done so yet I see a real problem with being a vibrant , healthy , and very alive participant in our childrens lives .... age incapability and even death and foster care comes to mind with us, ' the older families ' this has crossed all of our minds to one degree or another and some more than others . Lastly ... when we have a daughter or son and brother or sister who is as young as some of those girls we naturally get defensive about them and sometimes get offensive to these younger girls who quite often say they desperately want a baby (many reference this as wanting a toy or doll ) I think most of the confusion stems from how the question is worded and has little to do with anything I have mentioned but I have also noticed that many people who have participated in this forum for a lengthy time avoid these two posts simply because they realize that some time or another they themselves will react negatively regardless how well meaning they may be . I also agree that when people come here looking for an honest answer it is the most gut wrenching thing to see them get bashed brutally . I can almost see the surprise , shock and heartbreak on their faces .


me # 3 - November 12

I think that these older people are crazy. They sit here and shoot their mouth off to us constantly about everything that we say but god forbid we turn around and talk to them the way they talk to us and we are immature and need to grow up. There is very little logic in that. I think its crazy how they go onto every post on here and ruin someone's post because a teenager posted on it and they do not agree with what they said. Or when a teenager posts any question, comment, or concern they jump right on their backs even if what a teenager says agrees completely with what they say. And people try to understand that sitting there and talking bad to someone is not going to do what you want it to do no instead its going to p__s someone off and make them even more eager to have a child. Its basic that when someone tells you not to do something (especially when you are talking to someone you do not know) they are going to do it anyway if its something that they really want. OK lets say you are 35, just met the man of your dreams and wanted to get married and someone said oh its not a good idea you just met him or he is divorced and has kids or whatever. You would marry him wouldn't you? Because you live your life for yourself. And then after you married him you want to have kids but someone says oh you just got married get to know him better or you have a job and don't have time to do it but its something that you really want and you and husband agreed that its what he wants what would you do? Would you say oh yes I know its just so wrong to have a child thank you for bringing that to my attention before I went ahead and did it? or would you say we can manage financially and me and my husband know that we want this and go ahead and do it? I think everyone would do what they thought was best for themselves and not what other people thought. But I guess that does not apply to teenagers. Huh well that's just great. I think that people that participate in these arguments need to just stop and let it rest. This whole post has turned into "lets bash these teenagers" forum and this is not the place to be doing it. I am honestly scared for the people who come on here and disrespect teenagers that they don't know because if they are talking to them this way on a forum then what are they going to be saying to their teenagers? Would they talk worse to their own teenagers or better?


Wrong - November 12

Babies need a parent (or two), not peers. That's the difference.


Yes, but... - November 13



Except that...... - November 13

The average lifespan in the US is over 70, which makes 35-40 the halfway mark. Unless you plan on having a child in your 50's or beyond they will have grandparents in their lives. It's better to be a parent to your kid than a buddy who's only 15 years older to hang out with.


to except that - November 13

I disagree and I know my kids don't have grandparents in their lives and never did .


To above - November 13

You may disagree and think it's better to be a friend than a parent, that's your call. But the average life span in the US is fact and not opinion. There are always things that can happen to anyone at any age. But to argue that your kids won't have grandparents if you have a child in your 30's is just plain false, unless a freak accident happens. It just doesn't make a good arguement for your opinion.


Fact - November 13

http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/lifexpec.htm (no dash's)


to to above - November 13

unfortunately it's not an opinion just fact .



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