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daisy - October 21

i am wondering if anyone can give me advice. i am 15 and want a baby. i have a steady b/f and we want to get married soon and have a baby.we love each other alot and we are ready to take that step. does anyone have any advice on how to get pregnant fast? i have been trying to look it up but i thought someone on here would be able to help me. thanks


Advice for you - October 21

Hello dear! Yes I have advice. YOu want to get pregnant fast? Well, have as much unprotected s_x as possible. It doesn't even just have to be with your boyfriend right? I mean, if you want one so badly, it doesn't really matter with who, I'm sure. Plus, he won't even know. Well not unless you guys end up on Maury Povich like most of the girls on this site will. I am so sure you love each other a lot, I bet it's that Gone With The Wind kind of love right? I bet the two of you will be together swinging away on that porch swing when you are both in your 90's. You can sit there watching your children pulling up in the driveway coming for a visit. They drive nice fancy cars because they are all doctors and lawyers and professors. They were able to be so successful because you two had the money to send them to great schools right? No money? Well, whatever, all you really need is love!!! Shoes, clothes, food? No worries, just love. Medicine, furniture, mortgage or rent? Who cares about all that, just LOVE them! Electricity, heat, water? Love love love! That's all you need! Everything else is an afterthought. Oh yeah, don't worry, when you get fat (and in most cases, STAY least fatter than you were before you got pregnant), your boyfriend won't leave you. He loves you enough not to look at the otehr girls who all look like Paris Hilton compared to you. The pregnancy acne? Hey, he loves you right? He'll look past all that believe me. Hemmoroids at 15? I think that's pretty common and your boyfriend is mature enough to talk about things like constipation, hemmoroids right? You do know what constipation and roids are right? Constipation is when you haven't been able to poop in like 9 or 10 days and you are on the bowl pushing so hard that you may bust a blood vessle in your face! And you'll be grunting and moaning so loud that there better not be any one within earshot! Roids. How to explain? Simply, they are very painful little (sometimes big) a__s-zits. Take the most painful pimple you ever had on your face and stick in right outside your a-hole. That's what a hemmaroid is. More advice? I suggest asking your OBGYN (you have one right? He knows you are trying to conceive right?) about his rate of episiotomies. An episiotomy is when during labor, in order to prevent tearing, he takes, basically a scissor, and cuts open the muscle between your v____a opening and b___t hole. Sounds awful, but they do that the baby's head doesn't actually rip it's way out of you. That would be uncomfortable. But don't worry because if you like, you can get an epidural, so you may not feel the episiotomy. The epidural is basically a pain reliever used during labor. A man (or perhaps woman) will come into the room and stick a needle in your spine. Then a plastic tube will be inserted and you remain that way until your baby is born. If this doesn't sound nice to you, don't worry, you can do like generations of women have done before and go natural! The excruciating pain will be no match for the joy you will feel seeing your baby's blood & jelly covered head emerge from your v____a. Baby dust!!! :)


LOL - October 21

Great advice, lol. Seriously Daisy, go by a puppy. Until you are married, stable, in your own house, at least 18 ..... don't f-up a kids life. Love is not enough to raise a kid.


More Friendly advice - October 21

Hi, the above post only begins to describe the wonderful adventure you are about to embark upon! 15 is the perfect age! This way you will be around long enough to watch your kid and grandkid screw up their lives too! If your son can't get a date to the prom, he can take you and no one would know you were his mom! That's a great thing! How many kids can say that? If you have a daughter, one day she can bring home a date and maybe you can BOTH date him! Oh, those looks when you are walking down the street with that big belly of yours? Don't worry, society is not judging you, they're all just jealous. Another benefit of having a baby so young? You can both do all kinds of thing together like getting your first drivers license together, going to the prom, joining a sorority together! The possibilities are endless! Don't worry about the "father", there will be so many men, wait and see! You can double date with your kid too!


OMG - October 21 guys are cracking me up!.........Quote: " If your son can't get a date to the prom, he can take you and no one would know you were his mom!" Too true! This way you can truely be a MILF> :D


lol - October 21

oh my.... what has this world gotten too... hunny don't post anymore.... get a pet... they will love you.... stay in school... get a good education.... then get married.... buy you own house.... be able to pay your bills.... be financially stable to support your child.... don't ruin your life and this "future" babies by being stupid.


to daisy - October 21

I'm sorry if you had to read all of these horrible posts....but i just wanted to say--it may be something you want to think more about. Raising a child takes so much....well...everything!! I just think you need to think about it. A good thing to do would be to take care of an infant (niece, nephew, family friend's child) even for one night (overnight) and see what it's all about. I just know that telling you you're dumb and stupid (as did the previous posters) will only make you want to do it more. Just a little FRIENDLY advice.


amanda - October 22

well if you really do want to get pregnant then try charting your ovulation. you can do this by using opks (ovulation predictor kits) you just pee on them and it will show whether or not you are at your most fertile. you can also chart your temperature you take your temp as soon as you wake up and write it down. there is a website on here that will keep track of it and will tell you when you are most likely ovulating and there is a little microscope thing that you put your saliva on and if you are fertile it will show ferns or something (idk a lot about that. i only had mine for a couple of days and then broke the lense).i hope that you are thinking about the financial responsibilities that will come with having a child. think about where you will live, where you will work and how you will continue to go to school and take care of an infant. nobody can stop you from doing this but before you go ahead and do get pregnant make sure you think really hard about it. its a lifelong commitment. maybe you should try a dog? i have a 3 and they are great. But if you do want to have a child then goodluck. do the best you can and stay strong.


too young - October 22

you are too young,dont be in such a hurry your just a kid take time to enjoy life.grow a little more first.dont mess up the rest of your life.please just wait.


AMANDA YOU IDIOT! - October 24

OK Amanda, you just spent two whole paragraphs on another page saying how you DO NOT give teenage girls advice on how to get pregnant, and HERE YOU ARE AGAIN telling this fool how to chart her ovulation! Are you a total MANIAC??? Get out of here already!



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