Almost 27 Have Three Years Left Of College Want Baby Now

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Cindy - June 25

My husband and I have been married for about a year. We only use the rhytham method and we are not trying but I hope for a missed period every month. I know I should finish school, but I want a baby! I ovulated on 6/23 and we may have conceived, oops. I'm so mixed up, anyone else in this situation. I don't know if it's just me wishing or instincts but I feel different. My s_x drive increases greatly when I'm ovulating and we did it on the day I ovulated. I guess I'm really confused, I don't know what I want anymore. Finish school or start a family, is it possible to do both? Any feedback would be great, thanks.


Lou - June 25

Look, talk to your husband first and plan it out. Babies are a lot of money, time and will be around for the rest of your life. Usually, it is easier to get pregnant in your 20's so it might be a good time. There is no reason for you not to finish school...there are on-line cla__ses, evening cla__ses, weekend cla__ses etc. You'll need your education so that you can get a better paying job and give your baby a better life. But, you need to plan, plan, plan.


ff - June 25

Hey Cindy- My husband and I got married 5 years ago and I wanted a baby right away, but he just wasn't ready. I was also in college but I didn't care, I would have done anything to make it work. Somehow 1 year turned into 5 and now I am finally pregnant. (We used birth control other than the rythym method the whole time) Looking back I am glad we waited because now not only am I really ready but so is he. I think that honesty and communication go a long way. Good luck!


Dia - June 26

Hi Cindy, I have just received my Bachelor's Degree and I started my Master's program. DH and I are ttc right now b/c this is a good time for us. I stay at home and am a full-time student. My entire MSA in online. This is one of the main reasons we have decided to try right now. I can stay home 100%. I am a very driven person and plan to go on to get my PhD, so I can teach and do research at a university. If you want it, you can and will do it. Make sure hubby is on board though! We have been married 3 years and both decided now is a good time together. Best of luck to you!


crystal - July 6

i had my first half way through my bachelors and took her to cla__s with me when my baby sitter had a stroke when she was four weeks old... it was awesome she spent most of her time sleeping.. soon after i started my masters while working full time... i did my courses online and she played or slept beside me... it has been hard on her because her father and i divorced when she was two but i've recently remarried and i'm finishing my masters (only have my GRA and thesis left) i have a new baby coming in feb and i'm excited to say that if you want it and your spouse agrees life can work out for you no matter what you just have to make it work for you


L - July 8

Cindy, finish school first have babies later. It gets a lot harder with kids, also with college you'll be able to give your kids more than you can now. Wether you use your degree or decide to be a stay at home mom, you'll always have the choice and it's a good example for your kids to.


T - July 13

Cindy, I'll share my story in the hope it makes you and others realize you're not alone, as you've helped me in feeling less alone. One of the best things I ever did was promise myself I wasn't going to get pregnant before I finished college. One huge reason is I know too many women who end up not returning to college after the baby arrives because of something like they can't get daycare or they don't have enough money now. Most say they keep meaning to, by one year eventually turns into nine. Anyway, I had been working full time and sporadically taking cla__ses during my adult life. In my late 20s (unmarried), I started to hear my biological clock. That's when I made myself the promise. By age 30, I saved enough money to return full time to school. It was tough because there was always that "tick, tick" in the background. I graduated at 33 years old. Because of a couple career false starts, it's taken me four years to get established in a good professional position. But now I'm 37 and still no baby. I don't regret waiting, I'm sure I made the right decision, but am at the point where not only does my clock sound like Big Ben, but I am researching the possibility of choosing to be a single mom, if I ever want a baby of my own. On the positive side of pregnancy during college, there was one gal in my college program who became pregnant about half way through her last year. I remember thinking how perfect her planning was. If I have any advice, it's that I think the more of your schooling you get out of the way before the baby arrives, the more time you'll have for just baby and you, without having to worry about term papers, reading, presentations and tests. Best of luck. (Tick, tick)


meg - July 14

i'm 28 married for two years now. i postponed ttc to make sure i never resent a baby for not being sble to achieve my dreams. Finally both my husband and i feel sure that we are ready for a family. i have been feeking my clock ticking for about four years now. (been with same partner for 11 years) i'm sure that my next step is to become a mum. I,d love to further my studies and aim for a promotion but throughout this year i kept finding excuses. I want a break from education and want to start a family. unfortunately it is not so strait forward cause you can't click your fingers and get pregnant. before we started ttc we checked available care centers, pregnancy and maternity leave and so on. that way now i know the time i'll have and the money available when i start a family. some colleges give extentions to finish off a course if you give birth. it would be like going back to a job. so check on that maybe it will make you decide



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