Am 31 That Too Old To Have Another Baby

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Christine - July 15

I have a 10 year old son and he wants a little brother or sister I do as well want another baby my fiance wants a child as well he's 40 and can one get pregant while on a period?


to Christine - July 16

It is not too old at all. Many people I know don't even want to have first babies before (!) they get to their early thirties. No, you can't get pregnant while on a period. If your periods are normal, and your cycles normal lengths. Happy conceiving. Best time is around 2 weeks before you think you'd get your next AF.


Louise - July 19

No way are you too old! You're only 31! That is a perfectly normal age to have first child let alone a second! If anything you were quite young when you had your first at just 21 (though not too young 21 is a reasonable age too) But anyway no you are certainly not too old go for it! Though 10-16 days after your period begins is the best time to get pregnant depending on your cycle length. (ovulation usually occurs approx 2 weeks before next period is due) All the best!


peach - July 19

31 is not to old. If you are both ready and willing go for it. My mom had her 4th at 33, 7 years after her last. You can get preg at anytime, if it's in Gods plan!!! I'll pray for your success!:)


to Christine - July 21

Christine, 31 is very young. As I am only 31 1/2 and only pregnant with my 1st child and have an ambition of having 3! My girlfriend just had her 1st child at 43!!! And now she looks 15 years younger, as pregnancy rejuvenates you and makes you look and feel younger. All the best!


crystal - July 21

31 is not too old to have a baby...i just read an article on it actually...they say that it is recommended to try before 35, and you can get pregnant on a period but you should try actually 12-16 days before your period


Sophie - July 29

I don't know about the period bit but i'm trying for another and i'm thirty,my husband is forty I really don't see the problem, As long as there is love and security what more could a child need?


Nikki - July 31

I am with you! I had my first child @ 31 (she is now 2 years old)! I think this was the best age, allowing me to be more mentally and financially prepared. As a matter of fact, my husband and I are working on having our second! I miscarried 5 months after having our daughter, so I am anxious to have our second child! Good luck and God bless you and your family.


too old??? - August 1

i dont think so i have 6 children i am 36 and trying for another my youngest is 2 i had no probs at all .as long as you are fit and healthy there should be no problems


bump - October 11



Melanie - October 18

31 and too old? Are you nuts? Just where are you from anyway????



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