Am I Making The Right Decision To Wait Im 21

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claudia21 - November 24

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum.. I just wanted to know what you all think.. I am 21 years old, I've been married for 1 year and 6 months with my husband who is 25 years old.... Before getting married I was thinking of getting pregnant at 21, and now Im 21.. The thing is that I got this big urge to travel with my husband.. we are planning to travel round the world in 2009.. im gonna be 23 years old... I am going to college and I am graduating in December 2009... So I was thinking of getting pregnant at 23 years old.. is it a good age?? I mean i see some girls that are 19 or 20 and already have kids and sometimes I feel like I will be too old at 23... But I am planning to have another kid at 25.. So I can start teaching at 25 and already have 2 children.. Do you all think 23 is fine to get pregnant... Too young, too old??? OK thanks I really need the support.. *CLAUDIA*


javidsgirl - November 24

well i just had my first baby at 27 so i think 23 is just fine i mean if 23 is old i must be ancient lol. i think you should have your first when it feels right for you and your husband to do so


Teddyfinch - November 24

i agree with javidsgirl. if you guys are ready, then go for it! =) i'm 27 right now and my husband and i are ttc. my big sister is 31 and having her first baby. so pretty much if you're ready for it, you're the perfect age for it.


stephylynn - November 28

I don't think there is a too young or too old to have a baby. You should have a baby when the timing feels right and you know you are ready. I am 25 and just graduated college a year ago. My husband and I now thinking about having a baby. I knew I wanted to wait until I was out of school to have children so I didn't have to try to balance school and family life. I would think about that before you make your decision, but ultimately it is up to you.


Eliz121 - December 4

Hey Claudia. I agree with the others that there is no "right age" to start having children. Keep in mind though that 23 is definitely NOT old! The trends these days are that most women are waiting until late 20s/early 30s. I myself have always wanted to be a young mother too. My mom was 24 when she had me and she has always seemed so young- younger than all my friends' parents etc (and that was back in the 80s!) I am going to be 24 in January and am right now just barely pregnant (4 weeks) and I was on the pill! Even though it wasnt planned I am really excited. I would say do it when it feels 100% right to you. And don't feel old! (I have gone through the same thing) Think about all of those women who start in their mid-30s! And they are perfectly happy. Just make a good plan with your husband. It will probably happen when the time is perfect. So relax! Good luck to you with everything!



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