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STARR - October 18

If any of you need advice or are just worried about something i will be glad to help you i have been pregnant 6 times so i know alot about pregnancy.i will do my best to answer any questions.


Never Okay - October 19

I think I am but , what is your agenda ... tell me more ......??? I'm a little confused as to what your purpose is . Just curious .


STARR - October 19

Its simple if someone has a question about pregnancy or just anything in general i will do my best to help get these threads and these women have concerns and you get all these other people getting rude.i hope this one dont get rude.some people dont want anything they just like starting c___p with every one.


Never Okay - October 20

not getting rude just wondering if you are looking to help in specific areas or possibly, you are just sincere . I ask this because your question may sound a little self centered to others . Some people could take STARR as a self proclaimed JEEVES of pregnancy but since I like different veiws I will ask you something very important to me concerning the large family .... Q - I would love nothing better than to have more children but find it impossible financially so like everyone else I have found my limitations and through your experience it would be nice to hear the pros and cons possibly as an encouragement to at least have one more .


STARR - October 20

Actually starr is my middle name.i have four children .i had two husband is the income earner in our family.i stay home with our husband prefers i not saying we dont have financial difficulty because we do but child care is so expensive.anyway you should talk to your husband about your family finances and work out a plan you can both agree on.wanting more children then what your finances can support brings on tough choicesthats why so many people limit the number of children they have.also between taking care of children and working it can be hard to find time to spend with one another and that can put strain on your relationship.i know because my husband drives an hour and a half to work and back home he works for a moving company and sometimes i dont see him for 18hours or more at a time.and when he gets home he goes to sleep gets up and leaves again.its hard on both of us but where we live there are no jobs.sepecially none that would keep our bills paid.but on the other hand holding your children loving them,hearing there first cry ,watching them grow,that makes it all worth the sacrefice i not an expert on anything i mainly know about pregnancy symptoms,miscarriages,problems during pregnancy,and so forth.i enjoy trying to help othersyou do have a good question sorry if i couldnt give you the answers you were looking for.


cat - October 20

I like your posting. I feel a lot of people need their questions answered. Thank you for doing this.


STARR - October 20

Cat thank you,if your interested in reading any Q/A i have a thread under general pregnancy questions t_tled"just ask me".i just like to help people i am the type that cares about others.


Never Okay - October 21

STARR thankyou for your input we are in such a similar situation its almost spooky . I'm awfully tempted to leave where I am so we can all be together where there are jobs and more work . I really appreciate what you had to say ... now take this as a compliment because I was the one who brought it up in the first place . You really are a bit of a Jeeves about things . Once again thankyou for sharing your story . Cheers


STARR - October 21

Never okay,thank you for your compliments,i know alot about pregnancy but im no expert and i know how hard it is to support a family if you dont have a d__n good job.i hope things get better for you and good luck,once again thank you



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