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sad - August 23

not to be like a hoe but i feel sumtimes i want a baby and im only 14 i know it can ruin ur life and how u have to have money i know everything about it but when i see so many babys and everybody haveing them i feel the need i want one or its gonna be to late but i know that this is a change to big and i cant handle it unless i have money a steady job and can do for me as well as the baby but y do i feel the urge to have kids so young


Brittany - August 23

I understand, I felt that way as well when I was your age. It's a motherly urge that ALL women get. Your not a hoe. People probably wouldn't agree with me but I had my son when I was 18. I waited until I was out of high school and whatnot. Things are going pretty well for my fiance' and I but I do recommend having a job and having the babies father in your life. You don't want your baby growing up without a daddy. All I can tell you is wait until your older, the mothering urge comes and goes, just think, trying to go to school in the morning and being up with a baby all fun, you'd be very tired. Your not even old enough to get a job yet or drive to baby to dr.s appointments. A baby has sooo many doctors appointments the first year of their lives, just think trying to go to school and get to those doctors appointments, kinda hard. Just wait, go to prom and enjoy high school. Once you have a baby, your life isn't about you anymore haha. Thats why I waited!!


sad - August 23

thanks i feel wat ur saying and ur right i like the attention and hanging out late so it would ruin my life to have to do all those things u said cuz theres no me time


anna - August 24

i have a month old girl and im 16 i didnt mean to get pregnant. but now tht i have a baby i couldnt see myself without Addison. im not n school and i have no friends now because we moved. i dont think you should get pregnant. just wait it out because youll be thankful later


D - August 30

it ok i have all was felt like this. i have all was liked kids and now im with my bf for almost a year and he loves kids to and we want one his 16 im 17 but i want to wait until im 18 or out of high skool.


secret - August 31

to sad: i feel for ya. im 14 too and i want a baby soooo bad. i hate the waitinng. i know 4 years dosent sound that bad but it is. Just hand in there girl. I know if i can wait you can 2. (((((hugs))))).


shorty - August 31

I know how you feel i'm 15 and I feel like I need a baby to and that the only way to get it out of my system is to have one, i'd give it all the love and atention it needs! if you're serious go for it! just make sure you're not going to regret it in a couple of years lv out xx


sad - September 1

thanxs but i really want one but to think it sounds liek i want a toy so ima try and wait to im 18 and out of school wit a house and the whole 9 yards


shorty - September 1

wel dun gal, try ur best t wait, if u wna chat let me no i av msn n hotmail lv out xx


secret - September 1

Good for you sad!!! im proud of you!!! (((((((Hugs)))))))) i know you can wait. Good luck



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