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confusedgrl101 - January 24

I was wondering when would be the best time for a teenage girl get pregnant?


krissiix - January 24

A teen girl shouldnt be getting pregnant at all. Wait till you're done getting your education at least.


Shortie_red - January 24

A teenage girl not be considered have a child until she is married and it does not sound like you are old enough for that since you asked that type of question. A teenage girl should be concentrating on her will relationship with God first. The bible says: {In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Prov. 3:6}. Allow God to guide you with a decision such as that. Keepin it real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


AmericanReject - January 26

well...i'm an atheist and i'm getting married in may and we are trying for a baby...i'm you think thats wrong...i've known him for 7 years and we both are financially stable and hes going to college...adn we have a great support system..i mean...does that sound wrong?


valina555 - February 11

i am a social and health-educationalist, doesnt sound familiar to americans, but in europe its like a sort of psycologist. i get to know people with social problems all the time, these lead to have economical problems too soon, but what really help them to get them back to the "standard" life, is family. Sure in Europe the social system is better developed then in US, especially the catholic church helps those people in having or keepin their family. Family and children are what keep you together, no matter the job or money u earn or if ur married or not. Being Christian means to understand, forgive and help, not knowing the bible lines by heart. There are wonderful nuns and priest willing to help and support single mothers because a child is a God's present and it is the strenght people need to change and to try to be a better person. Im not married, i'll have children with my domestic-partner. I have friends who have babies when they were 18, 19 years, they are now single mothers, but they are happy. Conclusion: after education, every age is the best age when you're willing to love and care for ur baby forever.


eve2007 - February 21

I do not want to engage myself in this discussion, all I need to say is this. The catholic church - not even in Europe - is NOT known for "especially helping those people in having and keeping their families". Dream on!


eve2007 - February 21

uups, i overdid with nots. I try and keep it simple: The catholic church is not an anker to rely on when helpless with a baby.


valina555 - February 28

dear eve2007, im so sad u locked urself into the bad and sad sect of the american-catholic church. in europe there are hundreads if not thousands of organisation helping people ( cos thats what good people do..helping), i can mention a couple that r bouncing on my mind in the last 5 seconds, but u can sure google some, there's the "Maters dei" that mean: mother of god, purely catholic,with nuns, with veils and no make up or hair, in italy. there's the "caritas" that means Charity, purely catholic, where also people with faith and education can work there, like i did in the past. that's a famous one everywhere. and if u can't rely on god and on people's god, where else can u??


moescrilla - February 28

uh....well...I dont even want to talk about catholics. Its odd that the catholic religion would be different in America from Europe, but I agree with eve


Aliana - March 1

This is for AmericanReject: You have every right to try for a baby, and I don't agree with what the other person said. We're not all christians here, so please don't patronize anyone who believes differently. And Confusedgirl101, it mostly boils down to you should at the very least finish high school and make sure you can financially and emotionally support a child, whether or not you're christian. If you are, that's great too. AmericanReject is going about it the right way. She's got a partner who will be staying with her, and they can both support a child. So just please take those things into consideration. Blessed Be!


Belief - March 2

I'm not here to judge you, it isn't my place. But I will tell you that you should work with small children, maybe a daycare or do some babysitting. It isn't the same as having your own, but it will make you understand the time and care needed for raising children. We spend most of our life as adults, so enjoy the rest of your years being a teenager. Responsibility doesn't go away EVER....good luck in whatever you do.


ariyana9501 - April 11

When you're our of your teens.... As for AmericanReject...just because you "think" you're financially stable, doesn't mean that you are...and BTW, what does you being an atheist have to do with anything?


andiebub3 - April 11

to ariyana, the post that american reject was replying to was by shortie red and was trying to push their thoughts about GOD and bible verses onto other people. People should not push religion onto other people if we want to read the bible...we will.


ariyana9501 - April 11

Thanks for clarifying that. I didn't read shortie's post. I understand now why she said that.


TracieFromNC - April 15




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