Best Way To Get Pregnant

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andrea - October 23

My husband and I decided to start trying for baby #1 in January or February. I am currently on the generic brand of Ortho Tri Cyclen birth control. When should I stop taking the pill, in december? I have read that it is generally adviced to have one complete cycle before trying. I know that the health risks are minimal even if we get pregnant right a way. I am just so excited that I want everything to right. What do you think is the best positions to concieve? I have read some "old wives tales" about the missionary position being the best overall, my husband really wants us to have a girl first (he wants a daddy's little princess). Anyone suggest a position for a girl. Also when we do concieve what month do you think is the best month to have a baby shower? We have a huge family, I have 30 first cousins on my mom's side, and tons of second cousins. Our baby will be the first grandchildren on both sides. Anyways, any type of advice about anything would be appreciated!!! Thanks so much!!


luck of the draw - October 23

You should be off birth control pills for 3 months prior to trying to conceive. Also you should start taking a multi or pre-natal vitamin to increase your chances and increase your folic acid (prevents birth defects). The position really doesn't matter but the day you conceive does. It has been said that male chrom. sperm are faster swimmers and female chrom. sperm are slower swimmers. So if you have an idea of when you are ovulating (test) either have s_x the day before or the day after. Having s_x on the day you ovulate increases your chances of having a boy. There is no real tricks or majic, just speed of the swimmers! The baby shower is usually sometime in your 7-8 months of pregnancy. Good luck.


Daisy Jean - October 30

I have read that doctors just advise the wait after the pill so it is easier to determine conception dates. Some studies show that the first month or two off of the pill are more fertile than the months that follow. So many people get pregnant that first month. I think the risks are minute!!! Go for it. And, wow, you are a planner! You're already thinking about the shower!? S_x 2 or more day before Ovulation is more likely to result in a girl. I agree, start taking folic acid now. Good luck to you!



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