Best Way To Save For Baby

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Andrea - October 17

My husband and I are thinking about trying for our first baby in January or February. Any advise of how to save up for our new baby would be appreciated. I think that saving about 100 a week (just for baby needs) while being pregnant is a good amount. I plan on br___t feeding so no need to buy too much formula (unless I need a break), and I know that diapers are a big expense. Possibly opening up a future college saving account, not till after baby is born of course. Anyways, if anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.


I'm all ears - October 20

this is a tricky one and I plan on coming back to hear other people maybe I can sneak some advice for myself but I will say that we already have two children and saving was never an issue although for college it sounds like a plan but for birth isn't really necessary . Having a healthy child is more important . People are generally so good to first time parents and they are so loaded with baby stuff to give it can barely cost anything .


don't worry - October 21

We tend to over-worry when we plan. If you want to make God laugh, make plans! I love that saying. As far as saving for the future look into You hook up one of your credit cards up to this program and everytime you use that credit card at a participating location (super markets, mcdonalds, ect) a percentage goes into an account tor your childs future. Register with all the major baby product companies online because they will mail you great coupons or free products. You'll be surprised at how little you or your baby need once you have each other. But, just incase, take half of your upcoming tax refund and put it into a 12 month cd at the bank. And don't forget the baby shower..that sets you up really nice. Good luck and best wishes.


Worry Wart - November 2

Andrea this is a tricky question. It just depends on how much you CAN save. We planned on having a baby at 28 when we were married at 24. We are very strict about our debt and try to pay things with cash ALWAYS. We both have careers and put alot of thought into our future. We started saving $1000.00 a month since we were 24. I am 28 and 6 months pregnant. Plannin makes a huge difference. I worry less and i am able to take at least 1 year off of work with no worries. Just do what you can, it will always work out for the best. Youll be surprised with how much you wont need to even buy, because your family will take care most if not all of it. Good Luck!



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