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Demi - October 8

My boyfriend wants me to have a baby at 19. im 17 , hes 18. he sais why wait. he really deeply wants a child. were both inlove. he asked me and i told him that i want to wait till im at least 21, and he got really sad about it, he has put no pressure on me whatsoever and he sais its ok. but deep inside he wants one. i want to be financially secure, and he sais he wud help me butwud still b living at home so i know he wudnt cope. im hopin this phase will wear off.


Bonnie - October 8

Demi, it sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders. There is no harm in waiting a bit until you are definaely ready. You should be married as well, or at least living together for a while, IMO. I think everyone has the phases and I wouldn't worry about it too much. Good luck :)


Demi - October 9

thnx bonnie. i needed someone to confirm it for me. thnx again


Carrie. - October 10

How wonderful to actually read a post,where the girl asking the question has a lot of sense.You are right to wait,honestly you are.If your boyfriend loves you,as you say he does,he will wait,and not put pressure on you.I kept my man waiting a hell of a long time,we've been together 20yrs,only just had a baby,why?Many reasons,I enjoyed my life,young going out with friends seeing the world,building up a career,but most of all,bonding and growing deeper in love with a man who has stuck by me through thick and thin.With a powerful meaningful relationship like that,I felt finally ready to give us a child.I know for a fact,that my child will not come from a broken home,but one where it is loved and I know my husbands beliefs and ways inside out.


Demi - October 11

THNX Carrie. i really love him and he loves me. i want to get to know him more and want us to have our own house and money. plus i wnat a career too. i dont think its selfish, but i really want to look back in my life and be proud of what ive done and succeeded


nicole. - October 11

Carrie is right,if your boyfriend loves you he will respect your decision and wait.The thing is,you don't want to regret things you could have done.Once you have a baby,its natural to love it like you would'nt believe,over time you still love your child,but you do think "if only I'd listened"if a relationship fails people may wish they had'nt have had a child involved,the point is don't regret your life as it will be tied down with a responsibility,enjoy it 1st I reckon.


Once Again - October 11

I'm sure your B/F will be fine. I've wanted a child for as long as I remember pretty bad, but the timing never seemed quite right. And like you, I just wanted to make sure I had the stability and security needed. In the end I had to wait until I was 34 (hopefully you won't have to wait nearly that long, lol) but it was well worth it. I have no doubts about where I am at now. Do you guys live together? What about a pet in the meantime, that may help him feel a little better. Sounds like you have quite a good guy though, goodluck!


2:once again and carrie - October 11

Ouch that cavity hurts.... o wait its once again and carrie..... not having lives ..... go away let everyone have peace ...


Demi - October 11

Thnx Bonnie, Carrie, Nicole and once again. i really do apprieciate your advise, i need other peoples prospective and to see what it looks like from outside. dont worri about snide remarks ok. i dont know hu that gurl is who said to u guys get a life, will if thats all u have to say, well.......actually say no more. neway back to my advisers. thnx again. he really is loving and undestanding. ur right. i need to do my career and not regret my life.


charlotte - October 12

demi,thats it,listen to those trying to help you,all these little girls wanting a baby,you want a baby for the right reasons,as already been put to you.


A.B - October 14

You knew the aswer to that already, just wait for your body to even be 100% ready from all aspects and that is not 17 or 18, its a bit around 20's. also you need the a__surance of a good life to this baby and some finanical a__suarance, my advice littel one , wait for all the right reasons. and you have justifications for each of them, sometimes if promises not dleiverd 100% they dont serve either sides.


Demi - October 14

Thnx Charlotte and A.B, I really appreiciate ur advice.


Linda - October 14

Demi, Financial Security, thats a plus. I had a boyfriend at age 14 until 21 (one guy)but I didn't want to have a baby because he was still acting like a kid. I always said I wait until the right guy came along and had a good head on his shoulder and until I turn 25 years old. I wanted to go to school and enjoy turning 21 when the time came. Now I've been with my other half for 9 years and expecting 2nd baby at age 30. Being young and inlove is nice but baby cost money! Be prepared If he really loves you, he'll wait and get prepared himself. Good luck.


Demi - October 16

Thnx Linda, ur advice has made me think deeper


Demi - October 18

woah, thnx andrea. that story was deep. i know what u saying and its made me think. yeah i beleve getting married first then having a baby is the SAFEST bet. plus more security and i think more suitable (MY OPINION). its made me think, but i just want whats best for me and us. im even thinkn about moving my 1st pregnancy 2 23-24


Missy - October 18

Geeze, this guy has ISSUES!


Demi - October 24

what do u mean missy?



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