Couple Of Questions For The Military Moms

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Jamie - May 23

When you call your pediatrician, what's the general length of time in which they say they're return your call? Also, do you see a military or a civilian doctor? Where are you stationed, and which branch are you with? The reason I ask is because Serenity's pediatrician is a military ped., and when I have called them, I've been told I'll get a return call within 72 hours. I think this is a ridiculous time frame - waaay too long for me to have to wait! Unfortunately, I can't change providers - since there is a military provider available, I can't use a civilian one unless I want to pay for it out of our own pocket, and we just can't afford that. I'm just wondering if the 72 hours is across the board, or if it's just here.


Jamie - May 23

Grrr - sorry, I posted this in the wrong place! Meant to put it in infant care.


michelle003 - May 23

It's ok I'll still answer you. I do believe it is 72 hours everywhere then. I'm in Germany and my husband is in the Army. We do see the military doctor and my husband works in the Peds clinic. But if you need to ask something there should be a head nurse number you can call and ask her a question.


Jamie - May 23

Thanks for answering...I'm in Germany too, and just last week had to spend all afternoon calling around before I got the phone number to a nurse's line in the States for someone to talk to me.


michelle003 - May 25

Where in Germany are you? I live by Wuerzburg.


dancr_grl16 - May 25

hey im an army mommy to be it all depends where you re stationed to whether or not you see a civ dr they dont provide military peds or obs here and if u request to see a civ early enough they let you see for the 72 hour thing i never heard of that and its prolly some military rule.


alverran - May 25

Hello Jamie my friend has twin boys and they normally call her back within 24 hours. There should be a nurse help line. Of couse, they say the same thing. A lot of people go through their spouses Primary Care Manager instead of a pediatrician. Just a thought, they can get in quicker. By the way, I am stationed in Italy... Good luck.


TiffanyRae - June 5

Hey all...I know this is a late response but just wanted to put in my two cents....I am stationed in Hawaii and the docs always call us back within 24 hours. And being this is a tiny island...that consists of SO much military...we are required to see military docs..UNLESS they refer us out..which they will do if we really really want it. Hope all is well!


duedate092206 - July 12

We are Air Force stationed in Tucson AZ. They are pretty good ~ they always say 48 hours but depending on the situation sometimes they may call right back or 48 hours later. If your child health gets worse bug them! Also, ask your husband but I think there is a 24 hour nurse help line. good luck


LiTTlePumpKin - September 23

hey im in the air north dakota. All I have to say is military doctors are horrible. If you can get a civilian doctor, try that.


silencingtearsofhope - September 28

Hi, Jamie we're stationed in England with the Air Force. And yeah it's almost always 72 hours...however 1.) do a little poking around and you will eventually find a direct line to the nurses office in that clinic where you can get a question answered quickly 2.) it doesnt' matter if you're military or not if you are not satisfied with the care you receive then you demand a referral to an off-base provider....they have to give it to you. 3.)talk to the patient advocacy office...every military hospital should have one. and they are usually very helpful


lashonda - November 1

hey I'm an air force mom and it does not take that long at the longest 2 hours but then again we are in the us and we are allowed to go to civilians for obgyn issues including pregnancies and tricare picks it up


kaybee123 - January 18

I am stationed at Fort Drum, NY. We did have something called UCC, urgent care center, which is where you would just bring the child to be seen if Pediatrics had no more appointments for the day. Recently they have done away with ucc so you have to just get an appointment. And if I don't get an appointment in the same day, I take my baby to the emergency room at the nearest hospital. She is still covered. By the way, I am a single mom. Since I have been in the Army, I have never once been told I would get a call in 72 hours. I have never spoken to the docs on the phone. It's only been the receptionist to tell me of an appointment time.



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