Desperatly Want A Baby Still A Teen

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Jessie - October 11

I know exactly how you feel. For almost a year now, Ive had this (almost) obsession with wanting one of my own. Every spare minute is spent daydreaming of my own children, searching baby name sites, online baby shopping etc, it WON'T leave my head. BUT if having a child means THAT much to you, if you want to give your child ALL youve got, if your seriously ready to give up all of your freedom, start now by being selfless and wait, because trust me you will have to give up a lot more than that when a baby comes, yes gosh damn they are the most AMAZING things on the planet, but if being a good mother means what it needs to mean to you in order for you to give your child the world, then wait. I can't say how long, because at 17 I have paid off my car, got enough to buy my dream property and build, have a WONDERFUL job (I am a live-out aupair to 9 children (3 families part time) in fact, finacially Im doing pretty damn well, but emotionally, I know I couldnt be as good a mum as I will be once I have more experience and knowledge behind me, I still have a lot of growing and experiencing to do. I truly know how it feels, everyday It just overtakes me, every spare minute I am just desperate for my own, I look at Display homes and brands of dishwashers and diapers 1 bajillion times more than clothes and lipgloss, its VERY hard having your dreams and your hormones pulling you, but for the sake of your future happiness, I strongly suggest waiting it out. I personally think 19 is a good age for me and only you can decide HONESTLY whats a good age for you... until youve determined a person not by age but by maturity there is NO right age.. none at all, my best friend just gave birth to twin girls, shes 18 and she is an AMAZING mom, 100% supports them and herself. On the other hand, the lady I babysit for had her 1st at 30 and she is.. not a very good mother to say the least.. It all depends on finacial, emotional and physical situations. Every year Ive changed drasticlly, ive always wanted kids and have babysat since I was 10, but every year ive learned more and become a better person and in turn can give my future children a better life. As I said, if your future child/ren is/are that important to you, you WILL be able to wait easy as that, so TRY and wait.. its not easy, but neither is parenting at 14 and ending up alone with a child who lies awake at night wondering why their grandma raised them, or why the heck their daddy left them. rant over! good luck to anyone who is pregnant/has kids/ is trying to wait.. Jessie.


Once Again - October 11

Well put Jessie. You have a great head on your shoulders!


Kimi - October 27

Hi i am 18 and Wow! you have marked my thoughts to a tee! ive been babysitting since 10 also and have been around children of ALL ages my entire life. i so badly want to have a child and if given no thought could put my self in that position very eaisily, my boyfriend is 25 and would love to have a child, but its really up to me at this point. Ive been thinking so much tho and about how much we need to do before having a child. i cant help the baby sites either or "shopping" for maternity clothing. i almost feel crazy. Also it doesnt help that i had a misscarriage about a year and a half ago and god it feels like yesterday, then on top of that, with my boyfriend now, doug who is 25, we had 2 FALSE POSITIVE HPT's!!!!!!!!! we were so excited then the let down of the negative tests at the hospital. i know i need to wait and i know i can but i just like you cant stop thinking about it all the time! and just out of curiosity how old are you?


BUMP - November 1




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