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anna - October 7

ok to everyone who is very narrowed minded about people wanting a baby...it doesnt matter if you 14 or 45 if you wanta baby that bad go for it...but to all the teens who want one 13-17 yearsold. take it from a teen mom...it is very hard. Im 16 and not in school and i dont have a job and no friends. ill be going back to school soon but the point is its very hard. its not all happy baby all the time. theres times were they wont stop crying and you dont know why, and if you want to go out with your friends you gotta take your baby and they will get up at least 2-4 time a night and sometimes they stay up for hours when they do wake up. and to everyone who thinks your to old your never to old to have a baby. if you want one that bad then by all means do it. so to wrap this up if you think you want a baby that bad then do it!!!!! literally


jenn - October 7



Samantha - October 7

I agree with you because if you want one that bad ... no matter wat ppl say..then do it .. it might be a harsh reality .... but that is what that person will have to deal with not everyone else


carrie. - October 10

I agree,apart from if you want one that bad,go for it.I will not agree,or support a girl coming on this list and saying she wants a baby so young.Its just not right.


Bonnie - October 10

Now who is really showing their age here?


nicole. - October 11

Yep,its hard work,well said Anna,and Carrie.Bonnie you are right,the one who wrote before is a juvenile,one day they'll realise what we are saying!


anna - October 11

well thanks girls for the positive replies. But if you are a teen and you want a baby. I want you to think about it long and hard. Know your probably thinking of a beautiful, quite, and nice bouncing baby. But thats not only it. Babies cry...often. They need constant attention and they go everywhere with you. Now if you still want one than thats on you...Im not the one to judge. I have no say-so in that decition. But please just think about it.


tofu - October 13

that is totally true. i praise people like you. being 23 and just now wanting a baby people look at me like d__n you stupid stupid girl...but i think its the perfect age to start having babies


Leah - October 18

Samanth, you say that the person having the baby will have to deal with it, not anyone else. BULLSH*T! let me hear you say that after taking a look at the welfare rolls. Where do you think that money comes from??? Teenagers wanting babies...give me a break. If it happened by accident, OK, then it is what it is. But to go out and get pregnant on purpose when you have no money, no education, no prospects for anything, then you deserve a hard kick in your as*. Go buy a dog.


??? - October 18

Aren't you the same Anna from the post "stop judging us" that stated "im 16 with a 3 week old and i love it."? What happened? A couple of months later the reality hit you that it's not all cute and cuddly baby? I give you credit for warning other teens though. Just wait 'till they hit the terrible twos. You think it's bad now...


Samantha - October 18

Leah get a life and stop trying to start trouble ... o my stupid a__s people


??? - October 19

Samantha - go play with your dolls, little girl.


Bonnie - October 19

Teens purposely getting pregnant then being on Welfare does suck. But let's face it, a 14 year-old living at home with mommy has a lot of other issues going on in her head to even be considering getting pregnant. I blame the parents just as much as the teen in those situations. While it does suck paying Welfare for stupidity, I don't really mind it that much. The system is there to help people and I do believe it usually works (I only get agitated with people who live off the system and make no attempts to better their lives).....my concern with teens getting pregnant before they are ready to handle the burdens of a baby, is for the baby itself. I hate to see a person have a bad life because mom was too young to understand.


anna - October 21

yea i was that chick...I just hate the way people judge us. Im not saying I dont love being a mom Im just letting all the other know exactly how hard it is. I love Addison Jade. Shes my everything and i would do anything for her but im not going to lie it is hard Im not on walfare so that makes it even harder. Her daddy is still around we are still together so Im one of the lucky ones. But hes 21 with a steady job. No I didnt plan for it to happen. But I sure as hell learned my lesson.


gisele - October 21

hey anna how old is ur baby now? Girrrll i know wot u mean,,, i sure as hell learned my lesson, im never having anymore kids! I have a lovely 10 mo. old dauther, who i loooove sooo much, id do anything for her,, at the end of the day, after working my a__s off all freakin day to pay for her medical bills, food, clothes and everything she needs seeing her makes it all worth it. I dont live off welfare, and live with my bf. We have our own house and everything and we both work our a__ses off. I do love my daughter but wish i would have waited a looong time. Atleast until i got the partyin over and done with, and i dont know its a lot harder than i expected. I didnt get pregnant on purpose believe me but i also didnt take good precautions to prevent it. Its soo hard,, running after my baby all the time, she gets into EVERYTHING, lol she is soo cute. I dont get much sleep but wot can i do. You have to have lots of patience. My other friends have their moms that help them, like if they want to go clubin they just go because they leave their baby with their parents, but im glad me and my bf are the only ones that look after my daughter, we have it tough u know but its worth it, atleast i know we both dont want to rush into having anymore kids at this time or ever because we know how hard it is to take care of a child.


anna - October 21

addison is 3 months on the 28th


anna - October 24

i just have one ? for you all ... who come to you my age determinds what kind of mother I will be? Im not trying to be a b!tch or anything....its a serious ?



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