For All Of You Teen Moms

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Christina - November 8

Hi, Pregnancy is a great thing to go through, but sometimes it doesn't turn out the way it should. I work in a chldren's hospital and I take care of many sick newborns. The majority of them belong to young mothers. It is hard to watch a young mother look at you confused while you are telling her that their new baby may not live or that he will have to spend the majority of it's life in the hospital. Even with the support of the father, most young mothers don't understand what is happening to their infant. I remember watching a new young mother not even cry as we told her her new infant was dying. I don't guess she understood what was going on. It was really heart breaking. Just think about it! Yes having a baby is a great joy but it also comes with consiquences be it good or bad. I from my pshycology class that it is hard for you to understand that but you will, and then you will wonder why you didn't wait until later. Live now so that when you are 23 you don't have any regrets. Go to your Proms, dances, highschool football games, enjoy your teenage years because after they are gone there is no turning back. If you still are having thoughts of having a baby, talk to someone about it, or write it down. I know that it is a great feeling of accomplishment, but try to find a different outlet first. For all of you who are downing these teens, there is a low percentage of acting on the talk. I wanted a baby too when I was a teen and now I am 25, married, and without a child. I am in college and getting my BSN (RN). I didn't even have s_x until I met the greatest man ever, my husband at the age of 19.


marcie - November 9

excellent post Christina.I am not that suprised you get the majority from young mothers.They are only children themselves,how can they raise an infant?


Most manage - November 9

I am surprised at all the women who bash these young girls who fall pregnant, whether intentional or not. I would think that an adult could clearly see that the "damage" is already done. And, at this point, what these girls need are support because they have a long road of learning ahead of them. Some of them DO end up being alright with raising their child (ren). Many of them get crash courses on motherhood from their own moms. So why can't we leave the lectures to their parents and try to lead them onto a good path??


Jen - November 9

I, too, am in college-third year-getting my BSN. I am 24 years old. I have a 16 month old and I am currently ten weeks with my second. I didn't get to EXPERIENCE a who lot during my high school years because my mom got pregnant when I was 12 and guess who raised the baby??? Me. So, it is not just teens who can be neglectful to their babies. As far as a young teen being told her child is dying-I would never "ASSUME" how a person is feeling after a tragedy. Anyone in the medical field should know that. I would be in shock to if someone told me that!! I understand your point-I just wouldn't a__sume things.


to christina - November 9

hi christina that was good but there are a lot of us out there that have to raise a child young and we do it fine. i had to raise my baby brother myself when i was just a child because my mom couldnt do it due to family problems. i had my first baby at 19 but she didnt survive and the grief still haunts me daily. just because we are young doesnt mean we dont undersand.... i am now in a relationship and i am raising 2 kids who are 8 and 5 and i am due in july. and i am only 20. and i have no regrets. sure a careers is wonderful but some of us didnt have the chance to go to college some of us are lucky to graduate high school and are proud of the life we have and the children we are blessed with it so yea u r right but plez know there are some of us out there who arent emotionless about our children


carrie - November 9

.To most mangage I would say in my experience,and it has taught me hopefully to be like it when the time comes,but that was to be afraid if I got pregnant at a young age,of my parents.This really did help,as opposed to other mothers who were not so "tough"on their kids,or were young themselves when they had them,they have a harder time because its like calling the kettle black.Generally speaking,for obvious reasons it is better to grow up 1st,so I am all for women explaining to these teens,why it is wrong to intententially get pregnant.


To Carrie - November 9

I rarely come to this post...but all of the posts I see, women are not explaining to teens, they are straight out bashing them for it, and just being mean about it. Not all, but most


to Jen - November 11

I am not talking about neglect. I am talking about being able to understand what is going on(like when should I take my baby to the dr. hospital etc., this knowledge comes from experiance and age) I see many teen mom who are wonderful mothers (i.e. they give them basic needs), but a lot of them still don't understand. I know that by the time the infant is 6 months old most teens will be a pro at it. You are right though about the neglect part. I find that the majority of the neglect/abuse comes from women who are old enough to understand. Know this I am not downing any teenage mother; I know that things happen in your lives that maybe you didn't expect or maybe you did, but it is all in GODS big plan.


To the rest - November 11

Don't count me out. I had to raise my brother too. No it was not easy, but he and I made it through. I was forced out of my home at 18, and no I did not start college right away. As a matter of fact I didn't start until I was 23 and after I got married. I had not place to live and was forced to live in a trailor of my uncles with no utilities and thank god it was in the summer. I at least had a car so that I could get back and forth to work. I made a promise to myself that I would never ever bring a child into those cerc_mstances. That would have been horrible. I did that for about a year until I met my now husband at the age of 19. He took me out of that situatuon and I have never looked back. It took me four year to marry him and now I am happy, but I will never forget what I went though. I just don't want that for any of you young ladies because I know how hard it really is.


Christina - November 11

One more thing You ladies were"a__suming" that I was saying that she didn't care, I just said that she didn't understand. BTW, she didn't understand, I know because a good care giver always askes, she knew by the end of the day what was going on. Plus, she was a great mother (we didn't even have to ask her to feed/hold/change/bath her baby). Not understanding and not caring are two vastly different things.



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