For The Ones That Are Pregnant Already YOU CAN DO IT

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FOCUS - October 8

Alright, my post is really going out to the girls that are already pregnant and are in a moment of depression. Yes, your partner might of left you, and yes, you might be alone because family and friends might of disowned you. But that doesn't mean that you can not live your life happily with your baby. To those that are experiencing this time of torture, i am truly sorry. I really believe that family should stick together because blood is thicker then water but in some cases, it just doesn't work out that way. But no mater at what age, you CAN do it. In the beginning, it will be hard, but that includes every one at any age, 15 or 30. That is just a part of being a mother. You have never experienced this type of life before so when it does come around, you are at wits about what to do when the baby cries, or what to do when the baby is hungry and you are tired in the early morning. Allot of girls out there, young girls, are trying out to get pregnant. I am not hear to debate with you on whether or not you are ready, that is not my place, but i will tell you this, IT SHOULD BE MORE ABOUT FAMILY THEN JUST HAVING A BABY'S FATHER. I grew up with out a real family. My dad is my hero, he is the best thing in my life. As for my mom, we have our ups and downs but things are working out with us, but other wise family at all, i am the only child with no relatives around. It was hard to grow up alone. I was truly alone. And now as my time is coming around to be a mother, i am going to make sure that everything works out with my child. I am going to give him/her everything that i didn't receive when i was a child. I am just really wanting to say, that to all that are in a state of depression you can all do it. Just put your mind to it. You can stay in rolled in H.S, you can go to college, you can get a job and still be a loving parent to your child. You just really need to put your priorities in order... YOU CAN DO IT! KEEP YOUR HEADS UP!


focus - October 10

I suppose that my post is fairly long for ones to read, but my post is manly about that you can make it in this world, being young and pregnant or being young and dealing with a baby. You just need to keep your heads up and set goals for yourself. Your goals might not be achieved as quickly as you would think, but if you try your hardest, your goals will be achieved on one hand and your beautiful baby on another. Just look at this way, you are doing everything you could, for your baby



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