Getting Baby Off The Brain

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JarredsGirlKat - October 1

I'm 22 years old, and in the past 2 weeks I have REALLY gotten the baby bug!!! I"ve always known I was meant to be a mommy, but I always thought it was goinig to be wayyy off in the future. Lately I had been having all the pregnancy symtoms, and was 98% sure it was the real deal. I came to terms with it and was really excited, but after the bloodwork came back they found that it was a thyroid problem, and I wasn't pregnant at all. My boyfriend and I weren't relieved, but dissapointed. He's my childhood sweetheart and the one I want to be with forever, and he's so amazing around kids it makes my heart melt. I think he's more dissapointed actually, cause he keeps saying how much he wants a baby A LOT. But after much thinking I've realized this isn't the greatest time for us to start having kids. We were planning on going to a different school next year across the country, and want to be a little more stable first. I know that you can't wait to have all your finances together, cause that may never happen, but I mean just more stable then the current situation. But my quesiton is: Once you know that it's not the ideal time to have kids, how do you get the baby off the brain! I'm going crazy, so any tips would be appreciated. Thanks :)


babycraze19 - October 15

Hey JarredsGirlKat, i've been where you wasn't until after i thought I was pregnant and I wasn't that i really started wanting one. One thing that i did was made a baby box. When i have extra money, or have a baby moment I purchase a nighty or little socks, small stuff like that and put it in a box. I've also collected pregnancy books and I find that it helps me to look at things like that. So I hope this helps! Let me knows how it goes...


aelliott - January 1

As far as stability goes, if you two want a baby and can provide financially and emotionally, etc. for a little one, then I say go for it as soon as you can find an OB at your new home. My husband and I were both in school when our first child was born and we've managed just fine (in fact, I'm still in school and we're planning on having a second child sometime in the near future). You'd be surprised how easily things fall together when you're ready for them. The best way I know to get rid of the baby bug is to feed the fever.


lynnemtrix - February 20

I don't know if there is a way to deal with it, but if you find one I'd love to know. I miscarriaged a few months ago, I was only 8 weeks in, and since then it's been this unstoppable force in my mind. My fiance and I are still in school and I know logically I should have been relieved, but it was one of the greatest disappointments in my life. The thought of getting pregnant, giving birth, having a child - it's this constant thought in the fact of my mind that haunts my dreams. I can't find a way to get rid of it. The only thing that seems to soothe it, though I suppose one could call it self-torture as well, is looking at books and websites such as these, and pictures of people I know with their babies. I hope you have better luck than I do.


misslady89 - February 21

man i feel the same way as you all.. a few months ago my husband and I had unprotected s_x and he "uh-oh'd". lol i was panicking thinking i was pregnant b/c I went to to see when i was the most fertile and it was THAT DAY!! for two weeks i thought I was pregnant... had all the symptoms ( except sore b___st) took 100's of pregnancy test(seemed like) and I just wasnt pregnant. I was really sad.. i mean i know im only 19.. But I AM married, both have stable jobs with health benefits and a house.. and i know this baby would be brought up in the most loving home with my husband and I..but I really want us to get our education first. Im so torn all the time!! my head and brain arguing. Now im going through the same thing again because im currently not taking my bc pills because they make me sick...(ive tried soooo many different hormonal bc in the past years i cant take it anymore..maybe IUD..ehh) My b___sts(nipples) are sore this time but wernt last time...this drives me crazy!! im hoping im not and wishing i am..<sigh>


misslady89 - February 21

i meant **heart and brain arguing



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