Girls Get A Grip

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mlc - October 9

i am so tired of u 12 13 and 14 year old girls saying how much u want a baby u dont need one what u need is an education and a kick in the a** u have nothing to offer a baby all of your men will not stay with you forever you think your in love yeah well just wait youll be the one trying to rase a child and oh how r u going to get that baby to the doctor oh wait let me guess your momy will do it why do that to your parents get a job and car first because u dont have the money for transpertation like a taxi or bus if u dont have a job oh and u can forget shopping nope all that money goes for your baby u girls need to get a grip andthink about yourselp then a baby


mlc - October 9

no its just that the keys on my key board seem to stick and i dont use periods and all that cause it dont really work i need a new key board but my age isnt important hell half of these girls are not mature i just think its stupid


. , ' : ; - October 9

well i think you are stupid, keep blaming it on the keyboard and not on your ignorance.


carrie. - October 10

People are saying others are stupid...bit harsh.mlc,I know what you are trying to say,but these young teeenagers really feel like they are in love,even though,lets face it they do not know what love is.I remember being their age,thinking my parents did'nt understand me,now I understand life and all that it means.Some of these people think they are in love,when actually they are'nt,in time they too will grow up and look back and wish they'd listened. No child wants to grow up in a divorced home,many will,I'm sure not mother wants to bring up their child alone,but they do.I know someone who has had 4 children all from different fathers,she got involved too quick,got a name for herself,and moved on,of course at the time she was "in love"easy thing to say to each other is'nt it?Of course she was'nt really in love


Bethany - October 10

there is nothing wrong with young ppl who have done all that to have a child my sister is an awsome mom and she was 15 when she had her frist i hate it whan ppl like you say Sh!t like that you have no idea what we go through you have no right to juge wearter we can take care of a child god ppl like you is why young ppl are not taking responcabilty for their kids if we had no one to make us feel bad we could do just a good of a job as ppl older than us so stop putting us down and support us we need it!!!!!!!!!!


Nicole to Bethany - October 11

As been said before by many others,read all the lists no way will people support a juvenile having a baby for reasons that has been discussed.As for a 15yr old doing just as good a job as older mums,I know there are good and bad in all ages,however what has a girl of 15 got to offer?No money,gymslip Mum,house from the state,etc etc etc,and you want support,forget it.


Susan - October 11

Go for it Nicole,Bethany,please,spare us,your sister a mother at 15,she's obviously like my mother,easy then!!! This is a member of my family,yet I'm not too proud to say she was very wrong,giving her 4 kids a bad childhood,clearing off when she found someone new,and my father seeing different women.You want your parents to have done all that,and be there for you,not have a lovey dovey relationship and think the kis don't exist.Now that I have a boyfriend from a "good"background,not an embarra__sing one,I can appreciate what these older mums are saying to you all,yet the "kids"schoolgirls cannot see it,you reckon she'll be a great mum,either she'll have help from your mother Bethany,or if her bloke is a lot older then him,but please don't say she knows enough about the world to be a good mum!! I know,I've been there with my own embarra__sing leap into bed relatives


susan to below post - October 11

what the hell are you on,pratt!Carrie has given sound advice,she seems like a lovely lady,full of maturity,wisdom,etc.I'l, read other posts to find out more.You on the other hand has nothing better to say than that,I reckon its you the one who needs to grow up,and I bet you must be either SAmatha or Amanda,as those names crop up.If it is,your names are always on here,looks like you need to get a grip,if its not either of you two then I apologise,but its a little girl,who cannot understand why it is wrong to have kids as teenagers,grow up you slapper.Get a bad name for yourself,and rightly so.


amanda - October 11

umm think again susan. i really dont think so, your going to believe what you want anyway but it wasnt me. sorry to diappoint you.


amanda - October 11



Bethany - October 11

hey dont say anything about being a teen mom my sister is a great mom and i know i will be to i am 21 and dont have any kids yet but i think my sister is a beeter mom than i would be right now!!


Reading is good for you - October 11


mlc - October 11

you know what im sure your sisters and young ppl u know are good moms and all but no kid needs a did they have nothing to offer a baby


carrie to susan and beth - October 12

Susan,thank you for what you said.I have only tried to give advice,but people seem to think I am on at them,still,me and Amanda have agreed to stop.Bethany.Your sister maybe a good mother,but I'm afraid at her tender age,as Susan says,in her way,there are names for girls like that,its a shame they have to get involved with a boyfriend too quickly,there is no need to be a mother that soon.


Bethany - October 12

yes thee is no need to be one but there are instaces where they cant do anything about it some times it is not there chice to even be having s_x my sister was raped and didn't give the baby up only because she grow to attched to it i am not saying its ok for them to try and have one but some times there is no way to stop it


Diana - October 18

I agree with the poster (mlc) totally. I get sick from these girls wanting babies so young. Let them go right ahead and do it! Let their babies grow up to resent their mothers because she had a baby and is not with the father, has no money, has no sense, has no education or anything that her child can be proud of. Teenagers: your kids will grow up to be embara__sed of you!!!



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