Has Anyone Got Pregnant Straight After Coming Off The Pill

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im_danielle_hi - March 20

i was just wondering how many wemon out there have got pregnant straight after coming off the pill?


feelslikeforever - March 20

I've been try for 7months now, after coming off the pill for 2 years..


im_danielle_hi - March 20

what age r u if you dont mind me asking


EricaG - March 20

They reccomend that you wait three cycles before trying to concieve, after coming off the pill. I waited for 2 cycles but then I just couldn't wait anymore. We concieved the first time we tried which was two weeks after my second period off of the pill.


im_danielle_hi - March 21

its just that i stopped taking the pill half way through my packet wud that make any difference or wud take longer to conceive thanks


Steff - March 21

I got pg on the pill last year. I messed up my cycle a bit, but I technically got pg on the pill. It ended in MC though. My sister was pg the same year (on the pill, taking it faithfully everyday) and I now have a beautiful 7 month old niece named Jayden


im_danielle_hi - March 21

congratulations on having a new baby niece i just hope i find out im pregnanat soon thanks for your message appreciate it


feelslikeforever - March 22

I'm 23 and my dh is 22


im_danielle_hi - March 22

my period hasnt came in over 6 days shud i test?


someone who knows - March 24

i got pregnant after coming off the pill. i had about 3 cycles but they were not normal - one was about 28 days the next was more and the last one before i got preg waw only about 2.5 weeks - no suprise therefore that i concieved on day 21 of my next cycle and this was the first time my husband and i had full unprotected s_x. im 19 by the way. i dont think the pill makes any difference to whether u will concieve or not becaue even if u miss one in the middle of a pack you are risking getting pregnanat - thats y so many people get pregnant who are on the pill because they dont take it properly.


Marlyn - April 10

I got pregnant right after coming off the pill. I stopped on Feb. 17 and found out I was pregnant Apr. 1. My doctor told me there was no need to wait three months and that we could try to concieve right away and that the only reason you should wait for at least one cycle is so your due date can be calculated more accurately.


im_danielle_hi - May 10



mjl - May 18

Hey I am 20 years old..and I went off the pill but still used protection..and i got Pregnant 2 weeks later..I am now 8 months Pregnant!


autumn85 - May 18

hey mjl...i also am 20 years old. i just came off bc like a month ago.. i am also 12 days late now for my normal period. when did you find out you were preggo? i am wondering if i am or not!


mjl - May 18

I found out I was pregnant early December.. someone next to me was eating Cool ranch chips..and the smell made me feel sick..haha and from then on I kinda had a feeling that i was preggo..if you are worried go take a preggo test!


SP - May 24

hi - I was on the implant and had it taken out in Jan we have been trying since feb but nothing yet my cycle is back to normal has anyone had the implant and had any problems getting pregnant - can anyone help


tan - May 24

Everyone is different when coming off the pill. Here's a story - my friend (who was 23 at the time) and I (I was 28, nearly 29 at the time) came off the pill at the same time and were trying to get pregnant at the same time. I conceieved straight away. When I was in the final stages of my pregnancy (about week 38) she called me to tell me she had finally gotten a positive test - so while it took me no time at all (in fact, it was calculated that I was off the pill for approximately 4 days before I conceived), it took my friend nearly 9 months! Everyone is different. My only advice to give is to try not to concentrate too hard - I know when you really want something it is hard not to think about it - but this is finally how my friend conceived - she gave up hope and started concentrating on "beautifying" her house instead, she conceived (without even trying because she was too busy with her house) and had a beautiful little girl. Please don't give up hope completely, just make something else a priority and try not to think about it and hopefully it will happen and be a huge surprise! Good luck to you all!



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