Has Anyone Got Pregnant Straight After Coming Off The Pill

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tan - May 24

Everyone is different when coming off the pill. Here's a story - my friend (who was 23 at the time) and I (I was 28, nearly 29 at the time) came off the pill at the same time and were trying to get pregnant at the same time. I conceieved straight away. When I was in the final stages of my pregnancy (about week 38) she called me to tell me she had finally gotten a positive test - so while it took me no time at all (in fact, it was calculated that I was off the pill for approximately 4 days before I conceived), it took my friend nearly 9 months! Everyone is different. My only advice to give is to try not to concentrate too hard - I know when you really want something it is hard not to think about it - but this is finally how my friend conceived - she gave up hope and started concentrating on "beautifying" her house instead, she conceived (without even trying because she was too busy with her house) and had a beautiful little girl. Please don't give up hope completely, just make something else a priority and try not to think about it and hopefully it will happen and be a huge surprise! Good luck to you all!


momma3 - June 7

I got pregnant the very next month after coming off the pill. I did not have any problems.


RMC - June 13

I have been off of the pill sor 1 month and got a bfp today!


tan - June 13

Congratulations RMC - that's great news. Good luck for your pregnancy!


RMC - June 19

Thanks so much!


Shelby 23 - July 25

Not sure yet but I might be. I stopped my pill either in June or sometime in May (we were moving so I didn't keep tract) and had my period once I stopped taking it. Haven't seen it since...... So I took the EPT test and it gave me a very fast postive (like 10 seconds). After looking around though it seems that this test sometimes give false postives. So planning to test again. So if I was preggers I have no clue when I would be due and not sure if I would be happy about it yet (ick hate the thought of having docters look 'there').


iris - July 25

I just found out i was pregant and I just got off the pill last month


mamason - July 25

I was on the pill for many years and once I stopped taking them it was only a matter of a month before I was pregnant


Shelby 23 - July 25

Just took my second test today...clearblue this time...again I got a very blue plus postive sign.


Sonrisa - July 30

I got a positive faint line on clear blue and I am now 6 weeks pregnant. Go get a blood test to confirm, Shelby.


Geisa - July 31

I had my last pill on December 27, got my first period after that on February 17 (I'm that late) and got pregnant, as the first day of my last period being February 17. Everything is going incredibly fine.


MommyKarah - August 5

I stopped taking my BC in early feb so my hubby and I could start TTC and we found out march 12th that I was pregnanct, VERY soon after stoping my BC I became pregnant which was actually a big shock to us.lol. but none the less a very happy shock.


Sunset - August 17

I got pregnant on it.. even though I was apparently taking it properly :-/


redhead125 - August 17

Right away.


Deborah McComb - September 17

I fell pregnant straight after i came off the pill i was shocked at first cause i did not think it was possible but it is


falafal0 - September 17

Yep, I think I'm very fertile - we have four children - conceived 1st one while on pill, 2nd after 6 weeks coming off pill, 3rd was similar, no period for 3 months, but fell pg, 4th, concieved within 8 weeks. I had my first at 19, my fourth 4 weeks ago and I turn 30 in December. I think the baby making factory needs a rest!...



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