Has Anyone Got Pregnant Straight After Coming Off The Pill

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falafal0 - September 17

Yep, I think I'm very fertile - we have four children - conceived 1st one while on pill, 2nd after 6 weeks coming off pill, 3rd was similar, no period for 3 months, but fell pg, 4th, concieved within 8 weeks. I had my first at 19, my fourth 4 weeks ago and I turn 30 in December. I think the baby making factory needs a rest!...


Melissa43 - September 19

I did get pregnant the month after i got off the pill but later lost it due to a miscarriage :(


San - September 21

Both my girls are birth control pill babies. First one we went on a trip to NYC and I forgot them (we were gone 4 days) and the second one I missed 2. Now I am freaking b/c hubby is chickening out on the big V and I don't trust the pill and am soooo done having babies.


Cherry Blossom - October 4

I went off the pill 4 months ago and I've been trying to conceive for 2 months now, still no luck.


Erin_30 - October 13

I was on the pill in august, my lmp was August 20, and i didnt go back on the pill after that. Im 8 weeks this sunday, so yes it can happen!


JezzPezz - November 17

I did, right as soon as i quit taking the pill.


lil-miss-saunders - November 17

Hiya! yeah it does take different people a different amount of time to get pregnant after coming off the pill! i was on the pill for about 9 months! my friend came off the pill a month before i did and then we both started trying and she got pregnant a month before me! So it took us both 6 months to get pregnant! On the other hand, my auntie was on the pill and she came off and it took her nearly a year to get pregnant ... she had her baby and then went back on the pill ... she then wanted a second baby so she came off the pill early because she thought it would take a while and she got pregnant straight away!


hoping - November 27

My cousin just delivered triplets that were conceived her first month coming off the pill. The ob/gyn said that it's very common to see multiples while your body is adjusting, though it's usually twins.


ruinous79 - November 27

Just got my BFP and stopped taking my pill at the end of October. It most certainly CAN happen.


vonzo - November 30

I fell pregnant whilst on the pill AND after being told i had more chance of winning the lottery than conceiving naturally.


Beca - December 11

I fell pregnant 2 months after coming off the pill


mykids444 - December 12

Yes, twice!!! Also, while on the pill taking it every night at the same time. Been on about 8 different kinds. Now hubby and I just let nature take its course. I guess I am in that 1% (that's what the doctors say anyway). My mother was the same way! Go figure!!


kate_ - December 12

i started my period early last month (nov. 29th, should have come dec. 3), while ON the pill, and i just stopped taking them. i have been off of them since nov. 30th or so, and i decided (along w/ my fiance) to not take them this month and see what happens. i feel strange because i really want to have a baby, but i am 23 and about to grad. college, enter grad. school, etc... it feels like i should want to wait, but something is just making me baby-crazy, and i am hoping to get lucky this month. i should be ovulating (if, in fact, i do- coming off BCP) within a few days, so we'll see. all of your responses made me very hopeful. good luck danielle!


philippa - December 15

I came of the pill and got pregnant within about 2 mnths or less. The initial mnths after coming off the pill can be a very fertile time. Have you concievd yet?


whatisgoingon - December 18

First cycle off BCP (was on it for about 3-4yrs straight) and I fell pregnant. I unfortunately miscarried at about 2wks. This is my 2nd cycle off BCP, due for af 25th Dec, but dont think we would have conceived this month, due to the miscarriage last month - doubt my uterine lining would have built up enough to have been viable 4 implantation/conception. O well, when it happens it happens. :) Good Luck all! Mwa xo


MammaJL - January 11

I'm a 25 year old mom of 2, i had my first 2 at a really young age (15 and 17) my son is going to be 10 in a week and my daughter will be 8 in july, i was on a low dose pill (alesse) when i got pregnant for my daughter.. I've been on birth control ever since and i now have the baby bug... my bf and i have decided to try to get pregnant. i was suposed to start my new pack of pills today but they're on their way to a landfill somewhere lol.. anywho, wish us luck i will let you guys know what happens.



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