Has Anyone Got Pregnant Straight After Coming Off The Pill

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Clairesmommy - June 20

I stopped taking the pill and was pregnant a couple DAYS later.


Clairesmommy - June 20

i got pregnant DAYS after taking my final pill


JessicaF. - June 22

I was on the pill for about 8 yrs straight when TTC my first child, I succeeded the first month we actively tried which was the second month after stopping the pill. I was 23 yrs old at the time.


jazminesmom - June 26

i was 21 wheni got pregnant with my daughter who is 21 months old now. any way i went of bcps begining of jan 05 and i found out i was pregnant feb 05 so i got pregnant the same month i went off bcps/


lisa mc - July 2

i wish i was as lucky as all of you!! i am 20 and came off birth control pill in january with no luck :( my periods are totally irregular only had 3 this year!!


Gemini_Girl - July 3

me me me!! I was on the pill for absolute years then one month, I took my break, had a period, then stupidly ran out of the pill, by the time i got a new packet I was a few weeks into my cycle, I thought id wait till the first day of my next period to start taking the pill again - but that period never came! I somehow thought as I had been on the pill for so many years I had built up a slight resistance to falling pregnant, and it would have taken me a few months to become fertile due to the pill still being in my system - not true happened straight away!!!


Sonrisa - July 6

I was on the pill for about 5 yrs. got off it four months before getting pregnant. I did have trouble getting a period. I actually missed my period the month before I got pregnant.


prettyheavysoul - July 22

I was on the pill for about 2 months. My periods were extremely irregular and I was actually worried this meant I would have a hard time getting pregnant. I got the pill to try and regulate my cycle. I wasnt very good at remembering to take it so I dont even know how it could have worked..I did ok the first month and since I wasn't s_xually active at the time I decided to wait a few weeks before I started the next pack of pills. The next month I did horrible I forgot to take it so many times I had to throw half the pills out cause there was no use. Than about 2-3 weeks later I concieved. I am 14 weeks now and it seems like a miracle that I actually got pregnant. So I'd say that it is very possible to get pregnant as soon as you stop taking the pill however I hear for most people it takes some time. My logic tells me that maybe the longer your on the pill the harder it is to concieve right away.


k. - September 3

I was on the pill for 7 years...took me 6 months to ovulate again....


taffyray - February 20

i am 24 with a boy aged 5 i stopped mid way through packet i left them in a hotel and desperated to concieve now thought it would take ages has anyone concieved straight away after stopping mid packet or will it take me a while to get back to normal.


im_danielle_hi - February 20

I started this post back in 2006 and i was surprised when i got an email today saying someone has replied on your post it is now feb 2008 and guess what girls!!! i am 22 weeks pregnant with a little boy lol :) your all right in saying it takes time i stopped focusing on it too hard and then all of a sudden it happened


sarahd87 - February 21

congratulations danielle!! have you thought of any names for your son yet? xx


Tryn4third - May 16

With my first child, I got pregant while on the pill. With my 2nd, it took 3 months after I stopped taking the pill at the end of the pack, & I got a regular period each month in the meantime. This is our 3rd & final, & I've been off the pill for 2 weeks. So far no period, no pregnancy either though. Although I stopped this time after taking the first 5 of the pack, so probly messed up my cycle. I know, way to go, huh! Good luck to you! And a big congrats to you, Danielle!!:)


katie1982 - May 22

hi...with my first child i got pregnant straight away after coming off the pill and i'm pregnant again now even tough i never stopped taking my pill! i think it depends on the individual person because i know of friends who have waited months after coming off it to finally get pregnant...hope this help s x


csand31381@msn.com - May 31

Hi, I was on Orth for about 7 months. I got off of it in March after my periode, and got pregnant in April, I am now 7 1/2 weeks.


FebruaryStar - June 15

Hi.I got pregnant coming right off the pill. I stopped my pill when my son was 11 months old, I thought it might take awhile to concieve,we had troubles before him, but when I went off the pill in the middle of Nov, I never got a period in Dec,so I tested and it was neg,went to the doc and he told me it was normal to maybe not have a period for a month or two,so when Jan came I still had nothing,bought another test,and lo and behold, that positive sign came up right away!I was already 8 weeks along! I must have ovulated pretty much right after I got off the pill and got pregnant. I now have a beautiful 21 month old daughter from it. mother to 2 wonderful children!!!



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