Having A Baby At 45

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CHEEK - March 29

I miscarried on 5/31/07 and 12/28/07. I was 8wks with both pregnancy. My doctor says I'm fertile it just the egg isn't getting to the pole. I'm 45 and my husband just turned 36. We dont have any kids 2gether(just the 2 miscarriages) I have a 18 old daughter and a 9year old son. He has a 15 old daughter and a 10 year old son. I also have a 2 year old grandson. We are Christain people and we are standing and believing that we will have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy strong baby. Anyone have any good advice?


Skyeblue - April 8

Any advice for what...?


Franny - April 8

I was going to ask the same question as Skyeblue. If you "stand and believe" God will give you a healthy baby, what advice can we give you...?


Cat24 - May 7

i think its probably the time in your life when you should start enjoying your grandchild/ren and your freedom now that your kids are getting older. why do you want to have another baby? it sounds like perhaps its to please your husband since he is younger than yourself. if you husband is 36 and has a 15 year old daughter? so he was 11 when he fathered a baby? sounds a bit wrong!


clindholm - May 9

I think he would have been 21 when he had his 15 yo- if he is 36 now.


Cat24 - May 13

correct clindholm. baby brain must have taken over, i just thought he sounded very young to be a dad to a teen at 36!


LIN - June 1

Why exactly is your religion relevant? Whether you're into god or voodoo, your chances of having a successful pregnancy are the same. Being a christian doesn't give you some kind of advantage.


LeslieM - June 2

hi cheek...ok, remember that good health is important. start taking prenatals now as well as folic acid. exersize, dont stress and keep your faith. ask your dr. all you can and dont listen to the naysayers. i am 39 and pregnant with a healthy baby boy....good luck to you. CAT24...you are relentless and just negative. i know i am tired of it and i have seen others who are as well. cheek never said anything about pleasing her hubby. you are so negative and its a real bummer to see your c___ppy judgemental posts all over this site. time to keep your opinions to yourself as they are almost always c___ppy.



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