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le - November 9

I'm pregnant. My hubby and I decided to wait another 2 - 3 years for a baby.. However, I changed my mind a few months ago and started asking him if we could have one now, but he said no and stop by his decision, I kept going on and on and he kept saying no. Now im pregnant and Im scared to tell him because I know he will think I did in anyway. he will probably think I stoped the pill behind his back, please help me, what do I do.. Im so scared he will be mad at me forever...


le - November 9

I would never stop taking the pill, I know he didn't want a baby now, i dont know how it could of happened, I have been on the pill for 3 years and Its always worked, why didn't it this time, I feel so terrible. I feel like I will break his heart and loose his trust.. Please give me some advice, any advice.. I just cant figure out why it happened now.


me - November 9

try to break it to him gently. if u can show him the missing pills to help prove u still took them. tell him how much it means to u that u want to keep it. he will probably be mad, but more than likely it will go away. once the idea he is going to be a dad sinks in he may get more excited. good luck to u.


to le - November 9

Maybe you can not tell him for awhile. Schedule doctors appointments, make him think they are regular check ups.. If you can hold it in that long. Then one day after coming home act shocked and say you found out you were pregnant after regular blood or urine tests. Maybe it would a little easier.But it would depend on how in tuem your husband is with your monthly peroid. I have been with my hubby for 2 years, and he is clueless about the times. Hell think that you were just as shocked as him, and maybe not suspect you so much. Its a tough call. I wish you the best. Im sure that once he gets it through his head he will realize that its something he will actually enjoy. I hope it all works out.


Hmmm... - November 9

I disagree. I would just be straight up and tell him the truth. If you can't be honest and trust each other then I think you have bigger problems. Good luck.


marcie. - November 10

if it were me,I would tell him,but talk it through together as to what you do from here.No-one knows your situation,he wanted to wait a few yrs,if he gets angry thinking you did this on purpose and wants an abortion,what are you going to do?This could put pressure on the relationship.You should tell him,but reason with him,find out what he wants to happen and the reasons why.


oh oh - November 10

oh oh ! maybe get him to read the conversation in 'What is risk of down syndrome' in Preg over 35 on this forum . I posted as the person called Wise . Look around for other things that may help too because what you did is a pretty big no no but there is nothing more precious than looking into the face of a little replica of the both of you so that may excuse you although I am a little concerned because of your wording that you are so scared he will be mad at you forever . Being preg and having a child is magical maybe you can portray that to him somehow .


Rhonda - November 10

le the best thing would be honest, think about it would you want to bring a child into an enviornment where there is mistrust and no honesty. Plus the more you keep it to yourself the more stress your putting on yourself. I also think you also present your husband with the act that the pill is not 100% sure bet of preventing pregnancy.


Mel - November 15

Well, given that you have been nagging him to have a baby even though he told you that he didn't want one now, I wouldn't believe you either!


Rachel - November 15

I know the circ_mstances are different, but i was on the pill, and i fell pregnant, when i told my partner at the time, and his family, they all thought i'd done it to keep him from going away in the army, you've just got to talk to him, it will be hard, but it's done now, and theres nothing anyone can say to change it. Just be honest, if he doesn't believe you, then you just have to stick your ground until he comes round to the idea. Sorry if this doesn't help, but like they say honesty is the best policy!


Why sweat it? - November 15

I would just tell him the truth. The bottom line is you didn't get yourself pregnant, he did. If he definitely doesn't want a child, then he should have kept his hands to himself. At first he may be upset, but I am sure he will become glad about it. My hubby and I weren't trying to have a baby and we both freaked out when we found out we were expecting. But that scared feeling eventually turned to elation. Just be honest and deal with it, he was as much a part of the creation of this child as you were.



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