Hey Guys I Ve Got A Question

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wertyleigh - February 4

Hi Guys. I'm 17 and married. My Partner and I are thinking of doing Backward thing. Settle down first, O.E when older. He is all ready to have kids and that, But I am still a bit worried. A whole lot of What Ifs, and I suffer from depression. How would Pregnancy work with that? My family hasn't got a very good record with holding children full term either. What ideas could you guys throw at me? ^_^;;


april21 - March 18

it sounds like you are having some serious doubts about this. maybe you should wait until you are sure you are ready. I wouldn't get pregnant just because my husband wanted to and 17 is kind of young so maybe waiting a few years is better...just my opinion though


pba74 - March 18

Wertyleigh - age isn't really a factor here but whether or not you and your husband are on the same page. You both need to have the same goals and desires in starting a family. Otherwise, one might end up resenting the other. Be secure in your decision and when you are ready you won't have any doubts. There is no record in my family of not being about to carry full term, but I have had 2 m/c. I feel like the outcast but my docs have told me that 30% of first pregnancies end up in m/c. I keep thinking that 70% don't. By the way, what does O.E. stand for? I'm racking my brain and don't have a clue.


SaraH - March 19

I would wait. Your only 17 you have yr's to get pregnant and if you're having second guesses then it's probably a good idea to give it some time. It's always a good idea for you both to really want and be ready for a child before you try to concieve and you don't sound like you're ready or you'd know for sure you were. pba74 ---hange in there I'm sorry for you losses but just so you know it can and will happen. I had 2 m/c w/ no known reason and I am now 37 w pregnant w/ a pregnancy that has had no problems other then me being sick for most of it so...hang in there it will happen for you and even after 2 m/c you're chances are good that next time you'll have have a great pregnancy. Good luck to you both.


pba74 - March 19

Sarah - thank you so much. It means a lot to hear of other women who have gone through the same experiences and have had success. I'm 32 so I know I have time, but it's hard when you see all your friends and family having babies. In my workplace alone there are 5 people who are expecting. We smile and say congrats but deep inside it hurts a lot. I am staying positive and with the help of this site and all the wonderful women who I get to share my experiences with. Don't want to get mushy but I guess I did. I just wanted to say thank you.



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