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GO AT IT - November 17

It seems like pro-life and pro-choice is a hot topic right now. I personally don't care what you are, but I came acroos this site. I would like you ALL to watch this video. It is still the womans decision, but this is an actual video of the aftermath of an abortion. WARNING: IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH DO NOT WATCH THIS. IT IS VERY DEPRESSING AND IT IS REAL. WATCH THE VIDEO THEN DISCUSS LIKE ADULTS, PLEASE!


Melissa - November 17

Having just had a miscarriage, I don't feel quite redy to watch, given your warning. But it's good that you have initiated an educated, civil debate on the topic.


thank you - November 17

I am so annoyed at seeing people argue on other peoples question post so I wanted to make this just for that reason. I am also so sorry to hear about your loss. :-(


ick - November 17

omg that is so twisted. those poor little babies! and yes, i said BABIES! as in what they are.


Melissa - November 18

To Anyone: Choosing to have an abortion is not an easy descision for most women. I lost my planned pregnancy recently, and would love to be pregnant right this minute. And maybe a part of me gets mad at women who have an abortion, but that is only because of what happened to me. I, personally would not choose abortion for myself, but that does not mean that I want the right to make that choice taken away from me. Taking that right away from women will set us back immeasurably. I want the right to choose. I think abortion is ugly and scary and morally wrong. But that doesn't mean I have the right to dictate the morals of others. I want to keep my rights to choose. If the goverment decided to totally outlaw abortions, but only allowed them for special circ_mstances, then it would only be a matter of time before they outlawed even special circ_mstance abortions. What if a woman was raped, and got pregnant and did not want to carry the baby? What if she was date raped? Would the government force her to carry it just because she knew the guy? What if you had to prove rape first? That is a very lengthy process and she will have already had the baby before the case probably went to trial! There are too many "waht if" situations to mention. I've never had an abortion, and wouldn't choose that for myself. But I would never force my ideals on someone else.


About Melissa.... - November 18

Now THERE is a pro-lifer I can completely respect. One that does nto agree with abortion but yet is not so arrogant to a__sume she knows all and shove her opinions down others throat, nor act like a 2 year old name calling everyone murderers. ........... Melissa, I wish more people here had your att_tude. :)


A. - November 18

Actually, I wouldn't cla__sify Melissa as pro-life but rather pro-choice. She recognizes that what is right for her is not necessarily right for others. That is what pro-choice means. Not abortions for all, but understanding that every woman should have the right to decide what happens to her body. You can be against abortion personally but still be pro-choice.


me - November 18

i am pro life because i think it is wrong to end a life just because u dont want it. a baby can't speak for itself.


Melissa - November 18

I would consider myelf to be pro choice. Like I said, I would not have an abortion, but I don't expect to demand that others don't either. What people do is between them and their ideals, not mine. And until the Supreme Court is made up entirely of women of child-bearing age, abortion should remain a legal option for women. I don't think it should be up to some 65 year old man to decide if it should be legal or not.


Lori - November 18

I am definately pro-choice. I am 43 and trying to conceive our first. Our doctor has given us the odds of 1 in 40 that our baby will have a genetic abnormality. That scares me to death! We still want to try and conceive. But, if the baby has a genetic abnormality (dependant or the severity), I want it to be OUR choice in how to handle the situation. It really bothers me that people would call me and my husband murderers if the conclusion that we came to was to abort, when for the last 10 yrs of our marriage we have been ttc.


............ - November 18

Lori, you must not want children that bad then, the last 10 years aside, if something as simple as a genetic abnormality would cause you to abort your possibly last chance at having biological children. Have you MET a Downs person? They are HAPPY. Mosst of them grow up to become productive members of society. At least CONSIDER adopting out your child rather then aborting, if it is genetically different. There are many people out there more then willing to care for that child.


.............. - November 18

and even you have to admit that if you do abort, you are killing the fetus... another growing person.


Lori - November 18

Don't be so narrow minded, I am not at all talking about DS. That abnormality would not bother me at all. You don't know me or my husband and what either of our genetic profiles are. And frankly I don't need to dicuss them with you, you are nothing to me.


To: ............ - November 18

To: "........", nice name BTW. Just curious, do you actually think anyone gives a rat's a__s about your opinions? lol


.............. - November 18

the only part of any of my posts that was opinion was the part where I feel Lori must not really want children that bad. The rest of it was all fact. And BTW... you don't have ANY name, so who are you to criticise?


To: ......... - November 18

Really? Fact? Wow, you mean you are right and all those doctors and scientists are wrong? WoW!! You must be a GD genius. Please....give yourself a cookie for being so much more intelligent than anyone else. It must be so hard having all of life's answers. I hope I can be like you one day!! :D


.............. - November 18

what are you talking about? please reference the part in my posts where science and I disagree......



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