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adrienne - May 17

How do you know when you are ready for a baby? I have begun to feel the urge to have a baby (I am 24), but how do I know that I am ready to give up that freedom and stop being selfish to live for my child?


me too - May 18

I have often wondered the same thing. Recently, I have been considering the possibility of starting a family. But, like you, I am scared to give up my freedom of doing as I please. I do not think it makes you selfish for not being sure how you feel about giving that up. You are simply thinking things through. It will be a life changing experience if/when it happens, and should not be taken lightly. I think I will know I am ready when I feel comfortable with the fact that I will have to sacrafice my own needs and wants and put somebody else's life before mine. This is why I am often on this site; to read other points of views and feelings so that when the time comes I will hopefully not be as scared.


adrienne - May 18

Thanks for the input. It helps to know that others have the same questions and have doubts too. I think this is a great site, it is very helpful.


me too - May 18

You are welcome! This site is great...just about any questions or uncertainties can be answered. Hang in there!


Kris - June 1

You can never be fully prepared to raise a kid but you just know when it is right for you!! Best wishes in your baby quest!!


josh - June 21

when your stomic hurts what does it mean


Jamie - June 22

Hehhehe - for me, I realized I was ready when I got the positive test result. For me, and most of the people I know, the simple realization of "oh my god, I'm having a baby" was enough to kind've force us to grow up, and instinctively get over being selfish.


bump - November 17



Just me - November 20

I am a happy confident person, and even though I love children and always planned to have them, I have really begun to feel that a baby is really missing in my like my arms are too empty or something. It is definitely emotional. I've done a miserable job of explaining it, but do you get what I mean?


Mama2wanna - December 7

Just a bit of caution to all you ladies, just be careful to have a stable homelife and prepare your circ_mstances carefully. The biggest pressure I had during my pregnancy and my baby's first year was marriage stress and money stress. If you can avoid it, do!!!!


k - December 7

Sounds like you're hearing the proverbial "biological clock." I began to hear that at 28, and now I'm almost 30 & pregnant. I think you'll know when you know. I feel I've lived a very adventurous life thusfar & have lots to offer a child. And I don't feel like I'm giving up freedom to have one now... whereas I would've a few years ago. I feel more like it's a blessing & I can't wait to share my life with this new little person, even if it is really hard at times.


to Mama2wanna - December 7

That's different for everyone. I personally have a very simple idea of survival, plan to b___stfeed, have lots of hand-me-downs, etc... whereas a lot of other folks feel that survival is having fancy bedding & formula & all the toys & material amenities or else they couldn't possibly be being good enough to their child. Safey & health are important of course, but neither necessarily have to cost a bundle.


nicole. - December 7

For me you feel ready when you have allowed time to enjoy your circle of friends,lived life to the full,been with the same man for many years,may marry,but in this day and age some do not.You feel like emotionally you are ready,financies which is hugely important is stable.You know your man very deeply and can commit fully into another chapter.You may alway love a baby,but you can always have regrets if it happens too quick.I got to the stage where if I had to leave my job and be a full time mother,so be it,if I had to give up other things...fine.The biggest thing was finance,I had the option to work or not,enjoy pregancy and the expense of things,without too much worry.I am very relieved and thankful that we waited until quite late before I got pregnant,we have so much to offer,and the relationship is stable.


Mama2wanna - December 7

I think you misunderstand me "to Mama2wanna", I meant to prepare with things like, to make sure you can afford to take as much time off of work as you want or need to, make sure your relationship is ready for the added stress, make sure you will have lots of help and support and so on. I had hand-me-downs as well, and still do! Just make sure you won't lose your place to live or have to eat only ramen noodles for a month till a paycheck comes in. That stuff feels more stressful with a new baby.



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