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Jasella87 - March 12

Hey, I just found out i was pregnant today and every pregnancy calculator i try to figure out how far am i and when is my due date it says that i concieved on feb. 21 2007 and my due date is 11/14/2007 but i know for a fact that i concieved on feb. 14th 2007 so how far am i and when is my due date?? If your asking how do i know when i conceived it's because me and my fince had s_x 02/14/07 that was the first day after my period and we didnt have s_x after that so why is it saying i concieved on 02/21/07?? When is my baby supposed to be born???


Belief - March 12

Congratulations! Most sources that help you determine your due date goes off of the first day of your last period. An ultrasound will confirm a more precise date for you.


emfine99 - April 16

I'm not exactly sure when we conceived, because I don't remember when my last period, but they did the ultrasound and gave me a due date of Nov 23. They said that the ultrasound can be accurate with only up to 3 days off.


slowpoke01 - April 17

do you have short periods like 21 days? most of the calculators go by a regular 28 day cycle. that may be why it is off a week on the dates. go to w w w. menstration. com . au / periodpages / pregnancy. html and you can put in how long your cycle is and maybe get a more accurate date. also be sure to take out the spaces i had to do it that way so that it would let me put it in the replies./ good luck


OneMoreTime - April 23

Remember sperm can live up to 14 days and super sperm can live up to 21 days.


Tory1980 - April 27

Sperm usually lives for three-five days. If you ovulated on the day or shortly after the day you had s_x then you could have conceived then. If you are certian you ovulated that day then not a problem. It can take up to seven days for the egg to implant. So for example sake you had s_x on the 14th, you ovulated day 15/16, baby implanted 5 days later (the average) et voila due date the 21st!


DownbutnotOUT - April 27

Ok sperm can live up to 5-7 days under ideal circ_mstances and when you ovulate the egg only lives up to 24 hours. How are you sure when you ovulated? Are you temping? Using OPK's? if your not than you could have ovulated later than you thought being on the 21st and the sperm still alive fertilized the egg. It can take 6-12 days for the egg to implant but that has nothing to do with conception (when egg meets sperm) dates. If you have been faithful to your fiancee than only he can be the father but after reading this post it makes me think maybe you had relations with someone else after you and your fiancee were together. If I am wrong I am so sorry I dont mean to accuse but to get pregnant under such circ_mstances is rare, meaning you had to have ovulated late and the sperm had to live for as long as they could possible live.


AlieNicole - June 1

amazingpregnancy dot com has a a DD calculator based on when you conceived :] It says... You are due to give birth on Wednesday November 7th 2007! Also like these girls said sperm can live up to X amount of days- so take that into consideration. Congrats on your pregnancy!


MelissaP - June 3

Ok....please disregard "OneMoreTime's' response. Sperm CAN NOT live up to 14 days, let alone 21 days. That information is completely wrong! "DownbutnotOut's" response is the correct response. But notice she said "in ideal circ_mstances". So it might be a little less depending on the environment for the sperm.


tynadu - June 8

Hello Slowpoke01 How are doing!


slowpoke01 - June 11

TYNADU-i am doing are you doing?



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