How Long Should I Wait To Conceive Again After I Had A D Amp C

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priya - June 3

I had a d&c last week. one dr told us to wait for 3 months to get conceived again and another dr. asked us to wait for another 6 months. We r very much confused, what is the rigth time. Another confusion is dr. who did d&c to me told us not to use pills, but the second dr. we saw have given us pills to avoid pregnancy for another 6 months. we r very much worried becos pills, should not affect me when i trying again. As anyone, gone through same kind of experience, please suggest what we could do.


Toni - June 5

I had a d&c in december of 2002, after losing my first pregnancy. the doctor that performed the surgery said 3 months, but i didn't like him, so i switched doctors after my follow-up appt. the second doctor (i saw her a couple weeks later) said it was usually about 1 to 3 months, depending on the case. a total of 8 weeks after the surgery, she did an examination and said i was clear to start trying again if i wanted. it must have been 3 months to the day when i conceived, because towards the end of april '03, i found out i was pregnant again. he was born in dec. and perfectly healthy and wonderful. and the d&c caused no complications at all.


priya - June 6

thanks toni for the useful info.


Kristin - June 8

I had a D&C on 11/4/04. My dr. said to wait 2 cycles. I got pregnant on the first try of the 3rd cycle, but it wa s chemical pregnancy and did not last. This happened again the next month too, but the dr. said after many tests that it was just bad luck. Maybe it was too soon to try, I don't know.


jocelyn - June 16

i think 3 months is already okey to be pregnant


shelby - June 17

I had a D&C in Dec. 04 and I also asked my dr the same thing. He said that I should wait till my period was reg. .We are still trying and right now after waiting about 6 mos. I feel better now about getting pregnant than I wouldv'e then because I wasn't emotionally stable enough just 3 mos after.


Jenn - September 24

I had a miscarriage and then had to have a D&C on 9/15 and i asked my Dr. before the procedure how long I should wait to ttc and he advised me I can start right away if I can emotinally handle it. I was 6.5 weeks so I think it really depends on the Dr, our different situations, and how far along we all were.


bump - October 11




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