How Many People Have Lost Someone To Vaccines

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anonymous ak - November 2

how many people have lost someone to vaccines?


gggggg - November 3

not me. why have you?


Bonnie - November 3

Pffft, very few people have. I have not of course. Vaccinating is a personal choice and I find it funny how people fight about this on some of the other threads. Personally I think the risk is too great to NOT have it done. Just my 2 cents.


Lisa*9 - November 4

I know a family personally who was lost a child to health problems due to a vaccine shot the child was under ! year not going to name the month of the shot due to people being scared. I don't believe in them but I still respect individual decisions.


nobody - November 4

please tell your thoughts or story ! don't play with a loaded question when it is a serious issue . I have serious issues with vaccines but also have a certain amount of respect for the value of them . I have not known anyone who has died but if it is important for you to hear . I can only say that vaccination clinics make my stomach turn , just seeing how many people line up like beggers for their last meal with no ryhme or reason other than media induced . It makes me want to take a baseball bat to them all .


Angela W. - November 4

Hi, we have chosen to not have our child vaccinated. We have done countless hours of research and spoken with many medical professionals regarding this decision. I believe that parents who do get their children vaccinated are doing what they feel is best for their children, but for us, the risks a__sociated with vaccination injury is too great to expose our children to. What I really beleive in is ALL parents being truly informed of ALL the risks and guidelines surrounding vaccinations.


Kaitlin - November 5

We will not vax either! I was never vaccinated( hey, my parents are hippies) I have read and re read and we WILL NEVER vaccinate. Have you ever looked at They have a bunch of info on the dangers of vaccines


Bump - November 8



Carla H. - November 8

My nephew received his 2nd MMR. % hours later he had his first seizure, he was hospitalized. Continues to have seizures today. He is 5 and autistic. It is very sad. Our baby is 2 and because of the complication Trevor had, our child has not and never will be vaccinated


Tati - November 13

Couple months ago our friends had thier baby die after vaccination although the doctors try to say other things but right after she came home after the shot she had the seizure and couple days later she past away. In my family and relatives we have over 20 small children under 5. None of us gave shots and won't after we did a lot of research and think the best is not to do it. All our children are very healthy.Thank God. By the way when I spoke to my doc. about the vaccines she said that not all are necessary. Doesn't that make you think then why do we have to?


Mommy - November 13

I get my boys vaccinated. I live in Illinois, and I believe that it is very hard to have your kids go to school without shots. I have had all my shots, and so has everyone else in my family. I see it this way: there is a small chance that your child could fall ill or die due to getting vaccinated. There is an equally small chance that if your child comes into contact with a disease that they could have been protected against will make them ill or kill them. I guess the saying "d__ned if you do, d__ned if you don't" comes into play with this particular situation.



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