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Just wondering - November 13

a person have before they are ready to become parents. Is it income based..say atleast $50,000.00 income or do you believe it should be $100,000.00. Do you think a person should have a high school education, under graduate or graduate school degree? Do think a person needs to be living in their own place or actually own their own home? Should that "home " be worth the median level for their area..more or less? How much travel should a person have had...just in this country (USA) or should they have traveled abroad? Just something to think about. Is "best age to become a parent" based on age or life?


Well if that's the case - November 13

We only make like 20,000/year or less. We must be screwed huh?


me again - November 13

That's my whole point...I think "when" to have a child is on and individual basis..MOST agree that a 12, 13, 14 year old should not parent a child. But what about an 18, 19, 20 or 21 year old. How much "living" should a person do before they are "the right age" to have a child? What if a person is 27 but un employed, not even a GED or a person is 30, makes $100, 000 a year but is self centered a complete age always a factor to go by. Or should the "right" time be based on a strong understanding that this 'little" person will now be the center of your life...............Just wanting people to think


mama-beans - November 13

I don't think it is that easy.. it isn't about numbers.. income, degrees, areas traveled, etc. It is a huge combination. In my area, if you want to rent a decent place, you need to earn at LEAST $28K a year. In other areas the ammount is more or less.. as long as you are able to afford a nice home for your child to live in ( either rented or owned... my preference has no bearing here) then you are set as far as that goes. Degree, etc? Well of course I think High School should be finished... and I think some College is a good idea, but not required... if you can make the income necessary without College then you're fine there. Travel... that is different for everyone. I do think a person needs to have done SOME traveling... wether it is just exploring your own country or visiting others. I know I really value my vacations and time spent doing "exotic" things... and I know that isn't for everyone.. but you should have the OPTION. I think a person should PLAY as an ADULT and get that first, important discovery part of life over with before having children... This doesn't necessarily mean world travel or weekends in bars. This could mean Coffee till 3am with your friends. This could mean joining a wine tasting group, or a book club. This could mean hiking all the big trails, or spending entire weekends at a beach bonfire. PLAY. Play, so that when you are spending those first few years with your babies, you will be rested... ready to take a break from playing. Play so that you never regret that you DIDN'T play. Find out who YOU are. Fulfill some of YOUR dreams. Then, when you are really ready to settle, you are financially able to support a child, and you have a safe, stable environment to bring that child into... THEN have your babies, grow your family. Wether that is 23 or 32, that will always be the PERFECT age to have children.


Bonnie - November 13

In a nut-shell, what Mama-Beans just said. I agree with all of it.


*X* - November 13

The right time is, of course, different for everyone. It's a bit hard to put an income amount on it, because different places have different requirements. In California, I'd say you need a minimum of at least $45k - $50k to support two parents and a child comfortably, but you wouldn't need anywhere near that much elsewhere. I'd think that one would be cheating themselves if they didn't get a college degree first, but that's not really cut and dry either. Not everybody knows what they want to do for a career right away, and going to college before you discover that is a bit pointless. Certainly not everyone is cut out for a graduate degree, and that can be done later anyway. I do firmly believe, however, that one should minimally have spent at least two weeks immersed in a completely different culture (i.e. not just going from the US to Canada), and a few months or more would be better - especially for Americans, since our market is so flooded that we rarely get any exposure to music, media and trends from elsewhere. One should have spent enough time appreciating another culture to realize that there is no "best country in the world" and to truly gain an understanding of what is meant by the term "culture." All in all, the best age is much more dependent on your life, not your age, but I certainly don't think anyone should have children until they can look into their partner's eyes and be 100% positive, without a doubt in their mind, that they want to have that person's child.


charlotte - November 14

ust wondering,it depends on many things.What the potential parent is like for example.I think girls can be too young,they want to bring a life into this world,without experiencing much about it themselves,this may not mean travelling,just the way the world works,being adult enough to understand the world.Obviously I give credit to those who have waited to be in a financial position to take on the responsibility,you ask how much money,again this depends on the people.In the old days parents went without to look after their child/(ren)these days you don't get women going without to the same degree.I don't believe the state should help pay for others children.So regards to money,I think so long as you are in a relationship,and finances are under control then fine.I don't think education comes into it,just mature enough and have the right att_tude.Of course the potential parent needs to have their own place before contemplating being a parent.Travel,depends on the person,just like socializing with friends.Basically I believe it is based on both,your age,because of maturity,financially etc etc,and on life,because it should be where you are at in life,if you want a baby in life in your 30's and you have not got a partner,or somewhere to live then it is not possible.


*X* - November 14

You don't think education comes into it charlotte? That's exactly one of the major problems in society. People don't think education is important, and the large majority of people having children don't teach their children the importance of it. Education is one of the most important things to *everyone* in society, and those who don't bother getting one are only cheating themselves. Unfortunately, in the US, the secondary education sucks so bad so that the only way to get anywhere remotely near an education good enough to function responsibly in society is to go to college.


Melissa - November 14

I don't think you need to make $100,000 a year. I think you just need a steady income that can support a baby. I don;t mean spoil a baby, I mean enough to get the baby what it needs and have leftover to make things fun and nice for the baby without struggling for every dime. Enough income to pay the bills and have some leftover. If you are not a world traveller, then you don't need to have traveeled all over to have a baby. But if you would like to see the world and have unenc_mbered vacations, thens yes, wait until you've done that before becoming a parent. I don;t think you need to have all kinds of degrees to be a good loving parent. But it helps you to make more money and it sets an example as something for your child to strive for as well. But it isn';t required. You don;t have to own your own home. As long as you have a clean, safe place to raise you baby, I don;t think it amtters if you own a house or rent an apartment. If where you live is clean, safe and a place you love to call home, then it should be fine no matter what.


marcie to x - November 15

I understand what Charlotte is saying,when you say to her about education,she has said,and in my mind its true,that the right att_tude is the most important.I believe that is true.In my mothers generation they had babies earlier than this,but their values were better.Like has been said,they went without for their children,not being handed to them on a plate to help look after their children.Children was taught right or wrong.In my career I have seen people with a good educational background yet lack commen sense.This is what is needed to raise children,so no,the right att_tude as Charlotte said,but education, no thats not high on my agenda either.


*X* - November 15

Marcie, I do see your point, and yes, there are highly educated people who are big dumb-dumbs with respect to common sense, but one of the big problems in society is lack of an education. Those are two different problems and shouldn't be confused. There's no sense in comparing to previous generations, because lack of education has *always* been a problem. I mean, just look at how many people in the world (no specific country - all of them) actually think that it's ok to go out and cast a vote in a political election without really knowing anything substantial about the candidates. I'd say that at least half of the people in any given country and in any given election vote for political leaders based on little more than a first impression of them or even just along party lines. When I say education, I don't even necessarily mean a formal education but simply having educated oneself in a number of areas - politics, history, science, etc. - so that one can function responsibly in society. Look at the current ridiculous "intelligent design" argument that's going on the US right now. Anyone who knows the slightest thing about science and philosophy can see that the arguments for that "theory" are fallacious. How many people do you actually know who can name the secretary general of the UN? This stuff is so important, and yet so many people take their political decisions lightly; and the mode of thought that this behavior is ok just gets pa__sed on down through the generations. It's just irresponsible.


Still wondering - November 15

This why I started this topic, I am happy to see so much thought put into the answers. If we look back two-three generations, women had very little choice. Marriage, family...few of our grandmothers had options for much more.Now women have the choice to climb the corporate, academic ladders that were almost forbidden 50 years ago. Remember ladies, we have only had the right to vote for less than 100 years. I think debating "the best age to great pregnant" is WONDERFUL, as women we should rejoice in the fact that we now have a choice. We can have children in our early 20 or we can wait until our 30's even 40's if we so desire.Something men have alwasy been able to do.We are all on the same team mamas. Some of us in our teens,some in our twenties, thirties, forties. Keep debating, be glad that we now can! Peace to you all, Lee


Bonnie - November 15

Both of the last two posts are excellent. Yes, I agree with education one's self as well. It does not necessarily mean college (though some I think is preferred), but generally having some knowledge. I also agree with world traveling a bit. As my hubby is from the UK I have done some traveling and it's amazing how people view the US. We are viewed as being very arrogant thinking that we are the center of the world. I don't think we are arrogant, I think we are ignorant. Because we live in such a large country that is far from most others, we are just not educated on the rest of the world. It's amazing how visiting a few places can really change how you view things. Just my two cents.


sarah - November 16

I agree with Charlotte amd Marcie.I do not see any reason why travelling and raising a child are connected.I also understand about the education,so long as you have decancy,and commen sense on your shoulders to be able to raise children properly.I am from the U.K and Americans get the blame for many things,one being people getting sued,its "blame the americans for that".I must admit I thought it a bit rich when Prince Charles in a diplomatic way did his speech and harped on about all pulling together with pollution etc,yet he goes about in his private plane etc etc etc...still thats going off the subject.Patience,timing,and maturity are just some of the very important values when raising a family.It does'nt matter if you have not seen the world,if you are not interested in other countries.My parents have never been abroad,yet I think they did a good job raising me.I also believe that it is true,there is a lot to look back on and admire about how they raised children in the past,little money,but still got by without seeking it from others.There can be trouble with two parents career minded,who stays at home and looks after the baby,or do they leave the baby with someone else?Surely the most important is that two people are financially able to support a new life,and that the relationship is solid.


Bonnie - November 16

Sarah, well put. I should probably have stated my words better. I do not think it is necessary for a person to have traveled the world or to have a college eduation to be a good parent. But I do think it is definately preferable. The traveling I say mainly because that can really open your eyes up and change how you view the world. You can certainly travel with a young child but it is difficult. I just think it's nice to be able to take the time for yourself first before bearing children (though not everyone can have that oppotunity). Get educated, travel, and find out who you are as a person first. :)


marcie. - November 17

My parents did not travel until I left home,now my mother loves it,but only to countries who speak the language.In todays world we are much more educated without even leaving the country,we see it on the T.V. But I really feel that travelling is neither here or there,like education.At the end of the day the child has to come 1st,and you can get those with good education who wants to put themselves 1st,have no commen sense,or whatever.Kids go through school and get their education.I agree with the last post that you should find out about yourself as a person before you have a family.These kids on here wanting their own kids are not ready,they do not understand how your beliefs.feelings,emotions will change as they get older.When I was 16,I wanted to do this and that,it was my life not my parents.Now I am older and mature I can look back and understand why and what they meant.Its pointless growing up too fast,and these 16yr olds that got married,I wonder about their parents,and the blokes they married.


what a load of!!! - November 17

I don't know anyone who 'traveled the world and saved up money abd were "ready" to have a kid-that is a nice thought -maybe a novel of some sort. It is life experience that determines your level of maturity-well, I believe that-I know people who are in their late 20's who have had it easy all there lives and really take no responsibility for anything. And, then I know my SIL who had a kid at 16 and is doing just fine. So, I guess it is a mental level.



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