How Were You Allowed To Get Married That Young

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Andi - October 6

To the 2 girls that I have seen post quite a bit about getting married at 14 and 15. How were you even allowed to get married that young? Are you emancipate from your parents? Did they have to sign something? What were they thinking letting you get married that young? You are like in middle school, what is with that? I got married at 19, and it is hard, we've now been married for a year and a half. Both finished high school, both went to college, and we both have great jobs. I just don't see you would be allowed to get married so young. To me this all just sounds sooo crazy, and sorry to say but it doesn't sound real to me. But I do wish you the best of luck, and I wish that you finish at least high school, and try to take some sort of college, there is nothing wrong with community college, and you can have finiancial aide help you pay. Please look into all of this. I know that back in the 1940's and 50's women were expected to stay at home with no schooling and raise their children, but in this day in age, many women have at least some college. I know that when I have children I will be a stay at home mom until they are old enough to go to school, and when they do, I will go back to work as a Nurse. Please also consider how much money you need to have to raise a child, children do not come cheap.


amanda - October 6

Well, it is real. You can get married with parental consent when you are still a minor. if you don't believe us then why don't you look it up? I got married in Alabama and Samantha got married in Missouri. yes it does mean that you are emancipated. I finished high school and I don't feel the need to go to college, its my choice. And I don't need the money, sorry but I have plenty of money to raise a child. I don't think that all women should stay home with their kids all the time, its great that women want a career and want to go to school, its just not what I want to do.


Blown-Away - October 6

Actually I was curious about that too. So does that mean your parents gave you permission? What would happen is a teenager did not have parental concent, an they still get married? I was just curious how it worked.....BTW 14-15 is generally high school, not middle school.


Ugh - October 6

Sorry about the typos, too bas we can;t edit our own posts.


amanda - October 6

They cant legally get married without parental consent in the us if they are minors. Well, I am pretty sure anyway. I think that you definitely need parental consent


to b__wn away - October 6

if you are under the legal age of consent and you parents do not give permission then you can't get married. Some states allow for pregnant teens to get married if you pet_tion the court. The laws and ages of consent vary by state. I don't think any state allows for anyone under 13 to get married for any reason, in some states being pregnant that young is cause for investigation by child protective services ( or what ever its called where you live).


oops - October 6

that should read under 14, rather than 13.


- October 6

a girl can get married as early as 13 in new hampshire. BUt thats the only state i know of, with parental consent of course


Samantha - October 7

Yes amanda is right i got married in missouri a month after i turned 15.... I have plenty of money to raise a child my husband works ... and i stay home.. he doesnt want me to have to work because it stresses me out. I to will stay at home and raise my children and if i feel the need to go to college eitheir gparents or day care would watch my children... i have plenty of people who will support me in whatever decisions i make


gosh - October 7

to samantha- your husband doesn't want you to work because it "stresses" you out- HELLO welcome to the real world- how do you think having a baby is going to be?


Samantha - October 7

I know it will be stressful... but i can handle it ... im not as immature as u think


Nicole to Samatha - October 11

I think from what your posts reveal,you are.


b - October 11

you can get married in georgia. without parental consent. if you are pregnant and have medical proof of pregnancy


Samantha - October 11

well nicole that is what you think because no one that knows me personally thinks that


charlotte - October 12

So Samatha,getting married at 15 is ok,now trying to justify you aer not immature,and be like a grown up...right! Georgia sounds like a great place..not!You can get pregnant at 15 if you have medical proof,that is encouraging these little girls to get pregnant and all their boyfriends said was "please...I love you"...!Easy words to some girls



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