I Am 16 And Think Im Pregnant

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JD - June 9

I know how you feel, if I can help let me know maybe I can email you or something


Glenise - June 12

look u are prsgnant the best thing to do is tell your bf first then if he claims its not his tell your mom and she will get you a pregnancy test then she will decide if you should keep it or not cuz your 16


Tiff - June 12

Jenni, DO you have a dollar store near you? dollar tree.dollar general? anything of the sort? they do have test for less then 5 bucks.. You need to tell your mom about it. I know its hard but she will understand ( hopefully ) good luck by the way...teenwire.com is a good place for answers and can help you find a planned parenthood near you..


Katie - June 20

Hey Jenni, Like Tiff said, if you have a doller store go there..you can even go to the grocery store and get one, they arent that expensive. I am in the same situation as you, except I am 15 and I had unprotected s_x with my now ex boyfriend and I am 4 weeks late. For all of you out there that say we are stupid for having unprotected s_x and saying we are too young, I feel sorry for you. Dont call someone stupid for making a mistake, we are young but we are mature enough and capable enough to take responsibility for our actions. Calling someone stupid isnt going to solve there problems its just going to make them feel worse, sometimes I think we are more mature then adults. If you wanna think about it in the way that we are too young, then your never old enough. you never stop growing up and learning new things, you never stop at one point in your life and have everything remain the same, you and all your surroundings constantly change. I did not try and have a baby nor was it in my mind to ever have one until I was married, but I know my responsibilities and I know I have a hard ship ahead but you know what, I know I wont regret a d__n minute of it, you can learn so much from a child. Just because you have a kid doesnt mean you need to drop out of school you can continue your education and work and spend time wiht your child, yeah itll be hard, but youll get through. Good luck to everyone.


Nikki - June 20

I am sorry but I had my son when I was 16 my parents said it would be best for the father and I to get married which wasn't a big deal at the time cause he was my first and only boyfriend I had known him for years anyways....then we went on to have a daughter when i was 21 and I have been a terrific mother I graduated from High School and College and my childern are just fine and I am on my third....just because you are 16 doesn't mean that you are going to be a bad mom...I am not saying it was easy and that I would do it again but don't be so hard and judgemental against people of that age....many years ago that is the age if not younger our own ancestors had childern at that age and still do in other countries....they only good thing about this too is that I am a young mom and can do just as much if not more with my kids then waiting until I am 30 to have a kid....your body is just fine at 16 mine was....I guess I am defending this cause I don't like to hear people say oh you are going to be a bad mom or you can't do it....granted I don't agree with trying to get pregnant at 16 but if it happens which mine did the very first time I had s_x then you learn to deal with things as they come....and I had to grow up fast but I love my life and wouldn't have it any other way.....lay off these girls....man it isn't the end of the world...and half of you had s_x when you were sixteen so come on lighten up....your not innocent either....


Finnegan - June 22

Yeah, we had s_x...but we didn't deliberately have unprotected s_x. I'm glad things worked out for you, but a lot of these girls are not getting pregnant by "accident".


Nikki - June 23

Well then that is one thing...but there are a few on here where the condom accidentally broke....and are truely scared about it...and putting them down isn't going to help anyone I don't think....but there are some that just aren't educated properly about s_x and what can happen....I am sorry but the first time I had s_x I didn't think you could get pregnant....I know that sounds stupid but that was also along time ago....and you know my mother wasn't really open about talking about s_x either it wasn't discussed and so I heard and learned things from my friends....but then again s_x ed wasn't like it is today so you are right there really aren't any excuses I guess if you look at it that way....I know here where I live they start talking about s_x ed in elementary school....but sometimes I disagree with that too cause then they get curious at a young age I don't know.....


klm - June 23

I am 28 now and over the course of my public schooling I went through s_x ed cla__ses 4 times!!! I don't understand why these kids are confused about these things! It was drilled into my head from the 5th grade up. I can't imagine much has changed, I would think the teaching would be more thorough now than it was back then.


Lindsey - June 23

I am 16 and will be 17 next month. I am now 16 weeks pregnant. I was on birth control and always used protection. I am totally serious. I was using antibiotics for a while from being sick and i guess my birth control wasn't working when we had a breakage in our protection. I didn't know what to do at first but now i could never be happier. i have all my families support which means so much to me and is really helping me with this. Playing it safe or not.. you can still get pregnant and i could never be happier to know that im having my own little baby..... Not saying its going to be a snap... i know being a teenage mom is going to be a big struggle but this is one mistake im happy to take responsibility for...


jane - July 8

hey jenni, im 17 and last night i found out im pregnant. its always good to get checked. go to the dollar store and get a test there really accurate... hope everything is well


Melany - July 8

Jenni- sweetheart. Lifes rough i know. I'm sixteen also. I just found out I am pregnant. It's not the end of the world. There are consequences 4 our actions. But just know ur not alone. i bet there r many ppl the love u and will support u. Once my boyfriend found out i was pregnant he left me. now i'm sixteen 2 months along and relin on my mother to help raise my child. Keep ur head up. God is watching over you and me. Make it a good expierience. Smile! Your beautiful.


Courtney Nunez - July 13

lil mami aight my input is ... so your trying to get pregnant aight thats all you so i think that you might be but if you are stressing eitha cuz u want one or u dont it may delay ur period and even make you have some of those feelings so a pregnancy test is like 3 or 4 dollors at the Dollor store ... ask one of your friends for a lil bit of help i say .


Tanika - July 18

Go to a doctor and ask for a pregnancy test. I am 30 weeks pregnant and I turn 16 tomorrow.


Amanda - August 5

I am 16 also me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected s_x for about 5 months also! Well i am 2 weeks late for my period and i feel nautious all the time but i dont throw up, I pee like every 30 minutes it seems, I am tired constantly, and i also dont have sore b___sts! I am going tomorrow to go get a clinical test! But good luck on everything!


baby003 - August 6

You should go and get family planning advice, it sounds as though you could be pregnant and these clinics will test you for free, it is also worth while getting checked out for S_xually Transmitted Infections because your symptoms may be the result of one of these. It's best to get this sorted out before it's too late after all the longer you leave the less choices you can make and if a infection is involved it can harm the baby or your future fertility. Please talk to a professional!!


jemma - August 8

i dont think you would b havin nausea and that if ur only 2 weeks or so gone i think you should go and see your gp and they can do a test for you for free good luck x



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