I Am 16 And Think Im Pregnant

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jemma - August 8

i dont think you would b havin nausea and that if ur only 2 weeks or so gone i think you should go and see your gp and they can do a test for you for free good luck x


Liza - August 9

Well i'm 16 and just today i took a pregancy test cause i thought i was pregnant but i'm not but there are many ways to tell if your not yea and if your gonna have s_x use protection...


Babylocs - August 16

Well not having money is not a problem cause theres places like clinics were you can get FREE PREGNANCY TESTS!!!!!!! so just go and have one done. And you said that you dont have money for a pregnancy test then how are you going to take care of your baby. you should of thinked about it before you had unprotected s_x.


danielle - August 18

hi i had depo provera in december 2004 and was due for another one in january but i hate it n dont wanna go back on it but i wanna get pregnant but i cant wat shud i do


lisa - August 28

im 16 an i know for a fact that pulling out doesnt work, i got pregnant on the pill, but unfortunatly ad a miscarrage, but if i did have the babe then i know i wud av loved it, as long as the baby is loved and cared for then it doesnt matter tha age, ppl slate girls who get pregnant young, but things cant be helpd and shud fink bout there on lifes coz they dnt know da background of it all


Bianca - August 29

Hi, Jenni, If you dont have money to get a pregnancy test how do you think you are going to raise a child... You might only be 16 but even you should know that if you are going to have unprotected s_x you are eventually going to fall pregnant...


T.T. - September 4

Jus because ur nauseous and pee a lot doesn't necessarily mean ur pregnant. I been in situtations were i had those similar symptoms and my period came within the next week. There are a couple things u can do though if ur period is regular try one of the ovulation calculators on the internet it really helped me or go to planned parenthood, but one things for sure u need 2 use potection espeacially if ur not ready for the responsibilties.


Samantha - September 15

Go to the health clinic


Emily - September 16

Im 16...and I think im pregnant?..I have pain around my abodminal area...It feels like some kind of burning...is that normal???...I also feel this popping around my ovaries..??? and i have lower back pains...??? Do you think im pregnant??? because im really scared...


Nikki - September 18

well first planned parenthood is not free. because i went there to get my pg test and it cost me $30. I to am only 16 and am 4 months pregnant. my bf is there for me he is 22. we do plan on getting married. sometimes i feel so lucky to have him because i dont know how i would do this on my own.


Adrian - September 19

Hi! I would like to advise you to stop having s_x. You are still young and your body in not yet capable of carrying a baby. You know what s_x is good but you should also think of your self and the conciquences. "For every choice you ahve chosen always learn to accept the consequences".


samantha - September 19

go to your health clinic they will test you for free and its confidential.... and they give free birth control and condoms you should look into it


jessica - October 10

i think im pregnant but my period just went off and it came on time, am i pregnant?


megan - October 13

i kow how you feel, my ex boyfriends had me meet is best friends and me and have came vary close will i have had s_x with him and did not use nothin and now i am 3 weeks late and the bad thing about it is he has a girl friends of about a year


Amber - November 10

go to the health clinic. they are free there and they are not allowed to tell your parents.do you want to be pregnant? cause it sounds like there is a good chance that you are.


unknown - November 14

Whats up, I am currently 17 and i think i might be preggy as well.Like some of you others i tried the pull out method as well =( but i learned that was not so smart.If i am pregnant i plan 2 keep the baby and try to be the best mom ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw girlies a good song is Nick cannon-can i live..believe me if you might be preggy or are preggy listen to this song!



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