I Am 16 And Think Im Pregnant

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unknown - November 14

Whats up, I am currently 17 and i think i might be preggy as well.Like some of you others i tried the pull out method as well =( but i learned that was not so smart.If i am pregnant i plan 2 keep the baby and try to be the best mom ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw girlies a good song is Nick cannon-can i live..believe me if you might be preggy or are preggy listen to this song!


lauren - November 14

jenni i have just found out im pregnant and i can say you are pregnant. what do you want to do. what does your bf say. it something you both have a choice in what you want to do. if i were you i would have the baby.


Mel - November 14

Why were you having unprotected s_x in the first place?


angel Murray - November 17

what do i do im 15 years old and pregnant


heather - November 23

i am in the same situation and i need an answer too


Maria - December 8

First off, someone wrote a 16yr old is not capable of carrying a child? That is probably the best time...not that I promote teen pregnancy. Ladies if you think you are pregnant see your family doc asap, they will let you know for sure and give you info and answer any questions you may have. i had a child at 17 and it wasn't the end of the world. Me and my then boyfriend are now happily married. You just need support, I know its scary to tell your parents but you should, they may be upset but they will help you. there are also places you can call if you feel alone...there are people that care and remember you are not stupid or whatever other names people would like to throw at you. i wish you all the best and if you work at it everything will work out :)


Kirstyn - December 23

i ahve been experiencing the same thing


Claus - December 25

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


sho - January 3

hey im 17 and in 7months prg, i think you could b prg. you should go to the docs and tell them that you think you might b and they will send a pee sample away for you and find out. thats what i did.i no its embarra__sing but you get over it. good luck, x


jessy - January 4

sounds like your most likely pregnant. go get a test at the dollar store they are only a dollar and they r reliable cuz thats how i found out i was pregnant!! welll good luck


jamie - January 27

it sounds like it but im not sure


stephanie campos - January 30

well look im 16 too and i know that im haven one. well look i think that you should tell your boy friend. but look if you think your pregnant you well not know untill your like at least 3 to 4 weeks


mimi - February 2

go to a family plannins clinic im 16 and im pregnant the biggest shock of my life they was really really helpfull and looked after me well.. im havin ths baby in some ways i cant wait but me and the father dont seem to get on much anymore wot do u suggest i do?


Richelle - February 8

Wow.. there are just one too many 16 year olds having s_x. I mean, if you MUST have s_x, atleast be smart about it and protect yourself. With all the diseases going around, arent you girls scared of catching anything? Well i am scared for you. So ladies plz.... if you're going to have s_x, protect yourself. Because if he is so ready and willing to go unprotected with you... why should the next girl be any different? And you have NO idea where she has been. Jenni, get tested...both for pregnancy and STD's.. then get on the pill if you're not pregnant. Take control of your future. P.S. If you can't afford a pregnancy test, condoms, or a visit to the clinic... that might be a good indication that you are just NOT ready 4 s_x


christy - February 8

yup ur pregnant


Brianna - February 22

hey jenni im 16 also and a mother..it's really not easy...i really regret having unprotected s_x but i don't regret having my baby....but just at this age..i was in the same position as you i was having unprotected s_x...is ur boyfriend okay with the chance that you're pregnant? does he support you 100% because he helped you with this? go to planned parenthood please...thats where i found out it really does help and its free...plz....GOOD LUCK JENNI!!!!



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