I Am 16 And Think Im Pregnant

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Brianna - February 22

hey jenni im 16 also and a mother..it's really not easy...i really regret having unprotected s_x but i don't regret having my baby....but just at this age..i was in the same position as you i was having unprotected s_x...is ur boyfriend okay with the chance that you're pregnant? does he support you 100% because he helped you with this? go to planned parenthood please...thats where i found out it really does help and its free...plz....GOOD LUCK JENNI!!!!


shesdymed - May 6

try going to a clinic, they will test u for free and neways the clinics are more sufficient. then u work from it there. i am 16 and i think i am about 2 to 3 weeks pregnant rght now. its hard in so many ways.. but if u r and u need someone to talk to email me [email protected]


iris - July 25

Hey girli, so you were having unpotected s_x and you got prego. Look I'm 25 years old and I had my first baby at 18, and it was very hard. The best advice is to go get tested, and if you are prego, you can only hope for the best. Make sure you finish school and get a H.S diploma and take it one day at a time. Nothing in life is promised not even tomorrow. Nobody ever said that life was going to easy but it makes it just a little harder when you have a kide. Like I said I had one at the age of 17 turned 18 two months later and I'm 25 now, and I'm proud to say that I have make it just fine in life. Now I have a 7 year old and just found out I was prego too!! Trust it happens to the best of families. Take care and go get tested.


kay96 - July 26

Hey Jenni, I'm 16 too. I am not pregnant, and do not think I am, but have very well been in the situation before, and i'm really proud to see lots of women on here showing respect for Jenni! It doesn't help the situation at all to be immature and put her down about it. Although I don't understand why you were having unprotected s_x if you are broke. That was wrong, But it's already done, So there's not much anyone can do about it. Getting a test is definately a good idea so you can know forsure, and move on. One tip of advice though, next time definately use protection so you won't have to go through the stress of wondering if you're pregnant or not! Another idea also for girls who have had s_x within 72 hours and the condom broke, or you forgot to take your pill or something, go to planned parenthood or something, the local health nurse, talk to a counsellor, and any of these places can hook you up with the 72 hour pill!


MIRANDA - January 31

haha jennie should be about 8 months pregnant by now if she ever was pregnant.


s_xicherypoptart - February 4

the sickness part is a big give away if it doesnt go away real soon you probably are but go to planned parenthood to be sure its free


mph - March 21

Q: im i had s_x on the 9th and im a week late i have back pains, and im tied alot do you think im preg ??? plz help


julia_m - March 26

ohmy! people are still posting to "jenni" even though its back from almost two years ago!!! i just thought that it was funny and id point it out.


danrok - March 26

i took a test and 2 lines came up! and i just took another for to make sure and now only 1 line came up!! am i pregnant or what??


angeev - April 24

I got my pregnancy test at the dollar store and it gave me the correct answer. Keep in mind to that stress can delay your period. But I agree with what others have already said, a clinic should help you free of cost and with privacy. Nausea and tiredness were my first symptoms, I did not get tender b___sts for weeks. And just an FYI, My mom had me at 16, and though she was scared to talk to her parents and just about everything, it all turned out fine. 31 years later they are still happily married.


mmm - April 30

yep your probably preg.


BBNo2 - May 18

Jenni, I really hope you are not pregnant but if you are I hope you have a lot of love and support. I had my first at 24 and it was hard then.. I couldn't imagine having one at 16. Good luck.


Mely12 - May 22

I'm sorry I don't mean 2 be judgemental but some of u out there confess of having unprotected s_x and say you didn't mean 2 get pregnant... How can this be? It's logical that if you don't use protection you will get prenant for sure!! How can you say u didn't mean it if you know what the concequences are? I was 17 when I started having s_x n I always used protection I am now older an married n I have never been pregnant b/c I have always been careful. Girls if u don't have money for condoms u don't have money for a baby. So wait and don't do it cuz that little baby did not asked to be brough into this world to be killed before it was born or to be brought into hardships. I'm sorry but that is the cold hard truth n I had to speak my mind.


busta - February 13

hey im 17 and iv just found out im 4months pegnent i didnt have a clue but if u go to ur doctors and tell them how u have been feeling they will do a urine test for free and it is 100% correct unlike sum kits u cn buy from da chemist...so good luck whatever u decide


busta - February 13

by da way my name isnt busta incase any1s wonderin lol


hope-31 - February 15

i know this is an old post but i have to add my two sense. if you are a teen or any age for that matter and think your pregnant and dont have the money for a simple hpt then how the hell are you gonna have the money to raise a baby? im not against anyone having s_x(within reasonn)but if your stupid about not using birth control of some sort keep your legs closed!!!!!!!!!!



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