I Am 19

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cathi 25 - February 20

is it to young to get pregnant with my bf of 4 years.


maren - February 20

no one can tell you if your to young or not to have a child. what you need to look for is can you afford a child, do you have health insurance, are you sure that both of you want and are ready for a baby where will the baby stay. If you goto work or have school where will the baby get daycare can you affor daycare cause it is_xpensive. You need to investigate things like that everyone is different you cant just ask such a general question.


Bebita_Linda - February 20

no go ahead as long as u both feel ready


rwanke901 - February 22

I am 19 and I am expecting my first child in March. This was an unplanned pregnancy, but I feel like I am ready. Everyone is always saying o your so young, your too young, but I think as long as you are mature enough to handle it and you are really ready, then I don't seen any reason why you shouldn't! Good luck!!


Erin1979 - February 22

I know for me, 19 would have been way too young for me to have a child. I was in university and enjoying myself way too much. I am now 27 and I have a beautiful baby girl. Everyone is different, but I am glad that I waited. I feel that I can offer my baby more now that I have a career, married, settled and definatley less selfish and more mature. You have to look at your own life and see where you are. If you are at a point where you think a baby would be a nice addition, then I say go for it. For me personally, I would not have been a good mom at 19.


frankschick2001 - February 23



erica c. - February 28

I was preggos at 19. Our daughter was planned. We were married though. Why not wait until you are married. We were/are very financially stable and have the best insurance anyone could ask for. Because of my husband's job, I don't have to work, so I am a SAHM. I love it. I have been here to see her grow. Maybe there are some things you need to think about first.


lil_mama_17 - March 1

i am almost 19 years old.. and i was pregnant previously but i had a miscarriage.. that just made me want to have a child more you know?? i really want a baby now. just because i just feel like thats what im supposed to be doing you know?? i have always been known as miss mom because thats just how i am. i have a great boyfriend who i have been with for almost 2 years.. and i think we could handle it. but it all depends on the person. like other people are saying.. do you have insurance. Are you and your boyfriend really in that great of a relationship?? you have to consider all of those thigns you know??? But if you believe that you are ready then go for it


AshleyPros - March 2

I am 19 and married, and we are TTC. good luck hun!


amapolitamomma - March 2

I am 20, married, with a gorgeous 15 month old daughter, and trying for #2. A lot of women don't understand my desire to start my family so early, but we are financially stable, own a home, all of that. I have gotten, the rudest, most inconsiderate comments, so brace yourself for that. But your early 20's is a great time to have babies! Your body is ready, and can recover faster, I have so much energy to play with my daughter, and I feel like I'll undersatnd her more when she becomes a teen because we wont have such a huge generation gap. Also, she was unplanned, and I got pregnant while in college. I'm still taking a few cla__ses here and there, but I am mostly devoting myslef to motherhood. I feel like, if I start my family early, there will still be time fort me to have a get a degree and have a career when they get a little older.


happy - March 12

Hello my name is happy and I was married at 17 and have a wonderful marriage and now almost 3 years are trying to get pregnant and I may be right now as I am 3 months past due for a perid and I have been cheeked down there to see if everything was ok before we started trying and everything was and also had a pap test down last year everything was great and no I am not one of those woman who wants to be pregnant so bad that my mind plays tricks on me.Anyways 19 is not to young but to me what has happen to the world you should waite to your married.


Mommy - March 13

I don't think 19 is too young if you have accomplished the things you want, but if you do try remember this: You can't take it back. Once you have a baby, you walk around with your heart out of you body forever. There are times that I wish I didn't have kids at all for the sheer fact that, although I love them with everything in me, I can't always be around to protect them. I know that I can't control the weather, or who they get involved with as an adult, or what kind of girl they will marry. Once you have a child, you spend about 85% of you waking moments worrying about your kids. If you take all that into consideration and still want a child, then I say if you have the money and time to devote to parenting, go ahead. I am 18, btw, and I can't stand to think about how the world may be when I die and how my kids and grandkids may end up. You don't just worry about money or time when you have kids, you worry about what kind of person they will be and how you may have influenced them. It's hard.


im_danielle_hi - March 18

can anyone tell me how the hell all these young girls age between 17-20 can afford to get married cos im wondering how im going to afford it thanks


im_danielle_hi - March 18

i think that girls who know in there mind and body are ready to give birth go for it @ the end of the day if everyone else can y cant you considering you have got a good partner and money to do so i am 19 in 2 wks and i have been trying for 3 wks now to get pregnant b/c i know i will be a good mother and my bf of 27 yrs keeps saying im not getting any younger lol so he is really excited about being a dad and i cant wait to be a mum so girls if you know your ready y not but please dont get pregnant on purpose as its good for your childs well being and mental being knowing that the y have to parents who wanted them and cherish then from the moment the were concived everyone wish me luck on becoming a mom cos i cant wait to feel motherly love :0)


Mommy - March 18

You mean the wedding ceremony itself or the lifestyle of being married? Because I got married at the courthouse for like...$50 and I'm having the ceremony this September when we can afford it. :o)


im_danielle_hi - March 18

i mean the wedding its self as im from n ireland and the average wedding here costs £15,000 - £20,000 but i think ill have to settle for a small one and not tradition


EricaG - March 18

Danielle, I got married when I was 18 and Matt was 21. We live in the U.S. and here it is tradition (however many people are shying away and paying for their own weddings) that the parents pay for a lot of it. Here is a traditional breakdown of costs. http://www.ourmarriage.com/html/who_pays_for_what.html Take out any dashes that may appear but leave in the underscores. I understand that your parents may not be able to help, but this is how I afforded my wedding and probably a lot of other people.



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