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VenusDiMilo - November 2

Hi, I am 29 yrs old and my husband and I are ready to have our first!! I am currently on the pill and plan to get off in January 06 hoping I will be pregnant by May. Besides taking my prenatal vitamins, taking care of myself along with all the other stuff, what else do I need to know? I know that every woman is different but I just want to hear from others that have been in this position what was it like to preparing for a new life. I am so consume with the thought of having this baby I can’t really do anything else. Sometimes I feel I am going crazy and I find myself looking at baby stuff already. Thank you for your time.


I was the same - November 2

Venus I bought baby clothes before i was pregnant. Let me correct that, before i even knew that i was already pregnant. Id come hope with these outifts and my hubby was like what are you doing? A few weeks later we found out that i was pregnant! IT was great. When i found out i basically changed my diet and went from full time to part time at work. It wasnt necessary but i was worried about the stress. I took care of the hospital insurance papers when i was 4 months. I had her nursery ready at 7 months. I wanted everything to go as organized as possible. I did a birth plan at 4 months also. Definately dont forget to take care of your babies social security card at the hospital after the birth. Its mucher better than worrying about it later. I live in Chicago, my parents live in Mississippi. So i made arrangements when i found out to have my mother here 2 weeks before my due date. She stayed with me for 3 months. She was a help to my husband and I. It helped us with the transition into parenthood. I wish you all the best. It will be a blast for you and your husband. I thought that getting married and being with an incredible person forever was the best thing that could ever happen. Creating a life with that incredible person is just mind b__wingly fantastic. Best of Luck!


VenusDiMilo - November 2

Thank you Same!!! I am very excited I can't sleep.


Kerry - November 3

Congratulations on your decision - it's nice to finally find yourself at a stage when you are ready ! But be prepared that getting pregnant can take longer than you'd hoped - my husband and I were trying for 11 months before we caught. You have to look at it from a scientific point of view - the egg is only viable for between 12 and 24 hours every month (I think), so to catch it right is a huge lottery really ! It's amazing when you look at it like that that it happens at all !! So if it doesn't happen straight away, don't panic or think it's never going to happen, because the chances are it most certainly will - probably when you are really hacked off and thinking 'why me' !! Best wishes, it's so exciting ! xx


Bonnie - November 3

Wow...I must be super fertile. I'm 34 and got pregnant first try! lol Grats to you Venus, it is very exciting. I ready a funny article once on all the things they don't tell you about pregnancy, I will have to see if I can find it for you.


VenusDiMilo - November 3

Thank you Kerry and Bonnie!!



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