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beth - October 23

I have never-ever heard of a young teen WANTING to get pregnant. Are all the posts a joke? Why on earth would you want to have a baby before you grow up, find yourself, get married, travel and spend time with your husband, and get your life established? I am not talking about the accidents because I am a child of a teenage accident! But why would you want a baby at such a young age?


angry - October 23

Because (they think) they have no one in their lives that loves them, and they think that by bringing an innocent child into the world who will love them unconditionally will solve all of their problems. I think that many of them are fake. I remember when I was a teenager all I cared about was school activites, like homecoming, and spirit week, and football games, and most importantly going to prom. Those who did get married so young, in the probably 9th grade have missed all of these opportunities. I feel bad for them, they have missed out on some of the best times of their lives. What do their friends say? It is important to have friends outside of your husband or boyfriend. You can't always spend all of your time with one person, I don't think they realize that that is how it is going to be when they have a baby. This baby is going to realy on you for everything, they are totally helpless, they need food (a new born is supposed to eat every 2 hours), that means no sleeping through the night, no partying, no spending the whole day at the mall shopping. They need clothes, and shelter, and toys yes babies need toys, they help stimulate their little brains (if anyone has ever taken a psychology cla__s them they know about neurons, and the if you don't use it they you loose it theory). Babies are a huge responsiblity, they are the parents responsibility, one that you can't just pa__s onto your parents, they already raised their children, they don't need to raise their grand-children as well. I think that every potential mother needs to think about these things. Wait till you yourself can take care of this baby, not your parents, and certaintly not the government.


re to angry - October 31

Quote :I remember when I was a teenager all I cared about was school activites, like homecoming, and spirit week, and football games, and most importantly going to prom. prehaps thats what you look forward to in your life, but everyone wants different things, just because its what you wanted, doesnt make it right or wrong. I am not a teen mom, nor do I plan on being one, but my best friend is, and she is AMAZING. she has PLENTY of friends, and we all go to the mall, have sleepovers, we do everything and more than when Tyler wasn't here, we all take him to water parks and zoo's and she has a great job, hes in childcare 3 days a week, she recieves no gov a__st and shes with his daddy and they are great together. Dont feel bad for them, its obvious you know little about situations.. my school has an area for teen moms to complete school and they all support each other and even have out of school playgroups running, sure theres a few sleepless nights, teething, spit up, fevers, days where you need to just be free but theres also the amazing feeling of teaching a child how to ride a bike, read, play, laugh,live, learn, love, and cherish life. Im not in any way saying teens should get pregnant, because its purely selfish most of the time when your under 18, but those who HAVE stepped up and given their child what children need and want, are amazing. I think prehaps you should look at both sides, and listen to a teen mom before turning your nose up.


angry - October 31

actually I do know about the "situations", as you said that I didn't. I had a very close friend in high school get pregnant our senior year. She had a girl, and all of our other friends sort of disowned her. I was one who stayed by her side and helped her out and supported her. She did get govenment a__sistance. Obviously your school knows that they will have a bunch of pregnant teen moms and that is why they have set up such an area, but where I live they do NOT! Where do you live, a big city. I live in a pretty big city, sorry but my high school did in no way condone such actions. Stop acting like this child is a doll, that is how it sounds like when you put it like the way you did. I think you need to grow up


Mommy - October 31

You know, I don't appreciate you, Angry, saying that teen moms all pa__s their kids off on their parents. I know that my sons have never even spent the night at their grandparents house. My parents don't even support my sisters or themselves financially, let alone MY kids. My parents live off the government, but I don't. I live with my EMPLOYED husband. We buy our boys whatever they need or want. My parents ship my sisters over to MY HOUSE because they are always arguing and fighting. So I, at 17, think I am doing better than my parents by far. I am the one practically raising my own kids as well as my sisters. I am the one struggling financially to make ends meat yet still provide for my kids WITHOUT a__sistance of any kind, and I am the only one in of my parents and siblings without a single bad habit. Oh and FYI, I married my husband because I love him. If I didn't I wouldn't have procreated with him in the first place. If I am going to have to act like an adult because no one in my family will I should be able top reap the rewards of a mature adult without getting critisized for doing so.


marcie - November 1

Beth,I know,it is amazing that young teenagers want to get pregnant.I agree with what you are saying,and its been said before.Trouble is they are so wrapped up in "wanting "and "its my life,not yours"they cannot understand what people are trying to say,like live life,grow up,develop with your partner,why rush into marriage,like you cannot vote,you cannot drink,is'nt that telling you that your bodies are not mature?A girl could get pregnant as young as 12/13,is that right?No,the same as 15,16,they are still at school,or just leaving.Also I see that they use their own experience to try and justify things.Like the post before mine,it is clear that this person is immature,and in time may get problems with their kids.Ok,I agree I don't believe her parents are a great example as they live off the state,but to "mommy"giving your kids all they need and want is not actually a good things,kids have to learn they don't get everything they want,or they could turn into little spoilt brats.As for your sisters kids coming to you because they are always arguing,is that a good thing?No,I would be saying to my sister,its your kids,sit down and get it sorted.The thing is ,these teenagers are missing the point,in general terms it is not good to grow up too fast and have kids.Many teenage mothers are too young themselves and everything that goes with it.Yes,you can get those older that has done a bad job,but like with drinking,there is a reason you have to be at that age before you can drink alchohol.You still get those who are no good,i.e alcholics,but on the whole the ones in the majority outway them,same with older mothers who has deliberately waited for many reasons it has to count strongly.


Kerry - November 1

To mommy. I just read your post and think that you are an intelligent and articulate young lady. Congratulations and well done.


Mommy - November 1

Thank you Kerry. I try my best. :o)


Kimi - November 1

you are so wrong mabe you shoud read some posts and you would realize


Kimi - November 1

by the way that was to "angry"


angry - November 2

did you read the first post? hello, it says why do teens "want" and "try" to get pregnant so young, grow up and have a life. I don't care are if you are 17, and your "employed" husband is taking care of you, do you realize that you are not the norm. what do you want a freaking award. get over yourself and grow up


Mommy - November 2

Obviously I am more grown up than you. I know not to judge people, you must not have been taught that by your parents. And as you people like to complain about statistics, I am not living off aid, as you seem to think all us are. Are you a parent? I hope you are not because we don't need anymore judgemental immature people without an open mind. and I will quote you angry, from your fist post, and you tell me if you are making any sense. QUOTE: "Wait till you yourself can take care of this baby, not your parents, and certaintly not the government." Now, from my posts, do I not sound mature enough for you? And maybe I'm not the "norm" where you live, but I live in a little town in Illinois, and in this town, about 45% of the teen girls are parents. You are ent_tled to your own opinion, as am I. And in MY opinion, you seem immature and shallow. QUOTE I remember when I was a teenager all I cared about was school activites, like homecoming, and spirit week, and football games, and most importantly going to prom. Don't critisize just because people choose to not be like you.


Mommy - November 2

P.s. In case you haven't noticed all the teens on this site, I am, in fact, the norm. Would you rather I was on welfare? Because I a__sure you, with my husbands income, we would qualify. The reason we aren't on it is because if we can do it on our own, even while struggling, we should. It's called being mature and letting those who need it more benifit from it. I bet if I never mentioned my age you wouldn't be talking this way to me. perhaps YOU are the bored 13 year old...?


angry - November 2

wow, do you come on here just to cause fights, because if you do then look at yourself in the mirrow, you are a statistic, whether you like it or not. No I am not 13, how would I be talking about the prom at 13. Maybe you should get a job too if you all are stuggling. That pretty sad for your town, if almost half of the teenage population are parents, don't you people have any dream of becoming something better than trailer trash?


Mommy - November 2

If I was 25 and in this same situation, you wouldn't be talking to me like this. The reason I say I am not a statistic is because I am not on welfare. I am a teen mom, yes, but like I said, I am in the norm for my town. I don't live in a trailer, or public housing. I live in an apartment. And the reason I don't get a job is because right now, me and my husband would both prefer I stay home with my boys for a while longer. I am not trying to start fights, I am trying to defend myself as a teen mom. What about those of us who wants a family at a young age? A woman has a right to choose to have a family at an older age, or not at all. Why should we have to explain ourselves to you? We as women, as a whole, worked so hard to go to college and get careers back in the 50's, yet when a women would RATHER raise a family, she be d__ned. Tell me, why is that?


HEELLoooo.... - November 2

Angry, Don’t you even realize that it is not only Young/teenage mothers that apply for government a__sistance to help raise their children?? There are more “Adult” parents out there who receive government a__sistance than “teenage/young” mothers…. You seem to have a bee in your bonnet about young mom’s getting a__sistance… what about the women your age and older getting a__sistance… I don’t see you hollering about them. Some adult parents are down right “shocking”, picked up a newspaper lately? Some Adult parents, cannot look after their children, some do very well. Some teenage mothers look after their children very well, some don’t. Who the hell has the right to judge?


kkjjjhgff - November 2

angry has no response. hahaha. i think you lost her hello. she must have forgot that its not just teens getting help, lol the high and mighty have fallen :p



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