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kkjjjhgff - November 2

angry has no response. hahaha. i think you lost her hello. she must have forgot that its not just teens getting help, lol the high and mighty have fallen :p


Kerry - November 3

Mommy, you're right. If you were 25 that woman (angry) wouldn't dare speak to you the way that she is doing. Ignore her please, she is insolent and rude. And Hello is right to point out about older women on welfare. I knew a lady who was an alcoholic, lived on handouts from the government and was not adverse to benefitting from stolen goods. She never worked in her life and she is a hell of a lot older than 17 ! So there you go.


Bonnie - November 3

While obviously there are all types of people of all ages on Welfare, Hello's comment about more older parents on Welfare than teenage mothers is incorrect. If you are going to post something as fact, please make sure you know your facts. Any age can be a bad or good parent and any age can be on Welfare. But the majority of pregnant teenagers end up on Welfare. There are some who do not for sure, but the majority does. here was a statistical post from a US gov't Web site posted somewhere here that listed the actual statistics of it. ............ Personally, I don't mind anyone (regardless og age) being on Welfare. The system is there to help people get on their feet. For me, it comes down to each person individually. A person who uses protection at all times and ends up pregnant and needs a__sistance does not bother me. A person who is too stupid to bother with birth control or simply gets pregnant on purpose before being financially ready does not deserve help, imo. But of course, there is no way of knowing who is who. I just try not to let it get to me as there are always stupid, lazy, greedy people in the world. At least I know I waited until the right time for my own kids. It is bothering to see other people purposely getting themselves into a situation for they are not ready to be in...and it's their kid who will suffer for it.


Bonine - November 3

P.S. I think people are at times too hard to judge. I think I read on another post the "Mommy" did not get pregnant on purpose? I am certainly no advocate at having children at such a young age, I think you give up too much to do that. However, she is obviously taking care of her children well, she pays her bills, they live in an apartment, and they are not on Welfare. At such a young age I would say that is pretty d__ned good. We certainly don't need to advocate teenagers having children, but neither do we need to tear down the ones who are beating the odds and doing well.


angry - November 3

I don't think that I am being rude, I am expressing my opinion. I got married at 19, but I wasn't pregnant, and my husband and I have plans for our future.


Mommy - November 3

Well my plans for the future actually was to get married and have a family. Had I met my husband later I wouldn't have been married yet. And I did have time with him before we got married. I just figured that I found the man I love, so why should I wait. I just wanted to be with my husband and kids, and that's what I'm doing. So at 17, I can say I have accomplished my goals.


noodle - November 3

hey beth youshould have a look at the teen pregnancy section!


the life of brian - November 4

you know lady your points are all good or should I say sound good but they are also senseless simply because every human born wealthy or on welfare creates millions of dollars of economic growth over a lifetime . mans ways of saving money in all its selfish ways is what the bible makes clear that you don't need it so give it away makes people like you go on and on and on thinking you can save yourself and your family yet countries with extremely high populations are your exploitation to condemn along with life itself go figure .


charlotte to mommy. - November 4

you do soulnd your immature years,saying you buy your kids what they want,without a thought that perhaps that is not the right way to go about things.s to your sister and her kids,again that might not be exactly the correct thing to do.And to Bonnie,I agree with what you said,if they are going to print facts,then thats how it should be.There are adults who live off the state,but there are those too who have worked hard,raised money and a house to provide and care for an infant.A teenager just has not got the finances to support a kid in the 1st place,and relies on her own family,for help.Involving others!


Mommy to Charolette - November 4

My oldest is 17 months. When we go out, he is very well behaved. Maybe I stated that the wrong way. I will make it more clear: I was trying to insinuate that I can buy my boys what they need and want. I do not give my boys whatever they want, but I am saying I can provide for them without the help of aid. I am not immature, as you seem to think I am. That is your own opinion. But seeing as you will probably never meet me or even if you did we wouldn't know it, You are judging me by how I come across. If you met me you may see otherwise. And to those who came to my defense, thank you. It's good to see that some people can accept that there are teens trying their hardest.


marcie - November 7

you know,mommy,that last post was the best one you have written.I can appreciate and understand you trying your best for your child,that is natural,or for the majority.I wish you every success.However,you also should try and understand what others are saying,it is not an ideal situation to be in,young yourself and trying to bring up a baby for the resons put to you.


mama-beans - November 7

This debate will never get anywhere. Mature women, say anyone over the age of 21... they have LIVED, at least some. Really FOUND who they are. Young people never think they will be anyone other then who they are RIGHT NOW.... yet, when us "older" ladies look back on our lives..... we were VERY different people at 16, 17, 18, 19 then we were at, say 25. I LAUGH at my 18 year old self. I really had NO clue how life really does....... NO 18 year old does. Yet when you ARE 18 ( etc) you think you've got it all figured out.... Look, no one is saying there aren't good parents out there that are young. No one is saying it isn't possible. BUT, the people who have lived PAST that age... they know something all you young folks don't...... and if you start your family, begin your "adult" life before you are even really an adult....... you will never learn it. You will have spent the first short part of your life being a child.... and the REST of your life being a parent..... and you will have NO IDEA what it's like to be just YOU. You never get that chance back.


to angry - November 8

i was just reading through ur posts and i realised something about u. u come on here b___hing about teen parents because they arent married and are living off aid, yet when a teen mom comes on who isnt living off aid and doing good u still bash her. im not even a teen and i can see ur just trying to be a b___h about things. u say ur just mad about that teens dont wait till they can do it themselves. well she said shes doing it herself so now ur mad cause shes not the norm? god maybe u need to grow up. at least shes not on here bashing people.


Yes - November 8

I agree with the post above.It seems she needs something to b___h about.


Rachel - November 9

You know, I really hate these posts, all people are doing are trying to start fights, its really sad. Btw, I work in a grocery store and I can tell you this, I see quite a bit more older people on foodstamps than younger people. Most of the more "mature" people, as some like to call them, like to take money from ebt cash, which works as a debit card, and buy alcohol with it. I've also seen more "mature" people take their baby's food back, because they refuse to put their beer back. So, please, before you start judging, think about what you're saying. And I also agree about angry, all she is doing is starting fights, and it really makes me sick. There's a difference between starting fights and being opinionated.


Now, I am Angry - November 9

Excuse me..I am 18 wanted to get pregnant and by no means do I have "no one in the world who loves me".I am married to the greatest guy and I am very close to my parents/brother and sisters .I have traveled to Europe, Lima-Peru, Vancover...and this was all in the past 18 months. I was on the "floor" at the Democratic National Convention in Boston (hey, we lost but 2006 is looking very fine!!!) I have done more in my 18 years then most people do in their entire lives. We own our own home, a boat, our own company. We are MORE than capable of affording a child...



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