I Don T Understand

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Now, I am Angry - November 9

Excuse me..I am 18 wanted to get pregnant and by no means do I have "no one in the world who loves me".I am married to the greatest guy and I am very close to my parents/brother and sisters .I have traveled to Europe, Lima-Peru, Vancover...and this was all in the past 18 months. I was on the "floor" at the Democratic National Convention in Boston (hey, we lost but 2006 is looking very fine!!!) I have done more in my 18 years then most people do in their entire lives. We own our own home, a boat, our own company. We are MORE than capable of affording a child...


To the bright young mommies - November 9

Ignore Angry. She's being a t_t. Nevertheless, you bright young mommies are *NOT* the norm for young moms. The majority of teen moms who sought to become pregnant are in fact not educated, well travelled or stable. Sadly, the norm is quite the opposite.


Not as angry as I was - November 10

You are right, "Angry" seems to be stereotyping women who choose to have children at a younger age. I am also aware that most teen mom's are not well traveled, educated and able to afford the expenses brought on by having a baby. But ....SOME ARE! Plus, "ANGRY" why the hell do you feel it is any of your concern???? Are you worried about you "tax"dollars paying for such things? Did you attend public schools? Did you receive government money for higher education? Do you pay ino the system or did you receive "earned income credit'? We don't. We PAY big time, our business and personally. EVERYONE receives benefits of the taxes we all pay. Police protection, Fire Protection, Libraries, the "Arts", national/state parks. GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE!!! Unless you can sit here and say you have NEVER received any share of this nations tax dollars, shut up!!!


this is funny - November 11

You people are hilarious!! So what a teen can responsibly be married and have a child. It still should not be preached to do. I think that too many people have the "so what I did it " att_tude and it is misleading to the young girls who really should not do it. To Mommy, yes you do sound very mature and I am happy that you and your husband can support your family. I just think that when you are on one of these forums you should not pa__s things off as being peachy-keen. I know it is a struggle to be a young mother and I think that you should let these teens know that. Now remember that the t_tle of this thread was "I Don't Understand". Beth was probably not describing you being that you do not fit that mold. But, unfortunately a lot of teens do and I think that you should acknowledge that. Everyone has not been as fortunate as you.


Mommy - November 11

I never said things were peachy-keen. I am pretty sure I have stated in a few of my posts the financial struggle of doing it on our own. I would never tell young girls to get pregnant on purpose and that everything is easy. In fact, in another post I advised a young girl to not get pregnant because she didn't have the resources she would need to bring up a baby. I have been very fortunate as you said about me having a good support system. I however came out of a substance-abusing, violent family. I made my decision to change myself so not to emulate them. I don't condone teens trying to get pregnant, but I am proud of the other teens out there owning up to their "mistakes", whether they are single or married or financial stable or on aid. But never have I once said it is easy.



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