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Mommy - January 18

I can't seem to stress enough to other young girls the hardship of parenting. I keep seeing it in the teen forum too and am going to copy and paste this there as well. I'm 17 and I have 2 kids already and it is HARD. I'm not going to say you wouldn't love a baby or that you can't take care of it but right now most of you girls are just THINKING what it would be like to be a mom. Having kids can be fun in it's own way and it's rewarding but it is by far the most stressful and permant decision you will ever make. It's not all fun and games, it's giving up everything about you and living completely for someone else. My kids weren't planned and I was on b/c both times but that didn't work obviously. I love my kids more than anything in this world as I'm sure most other moms love their kids. Before you have kids you are able to live for YOU AND ONLY YOU. Babies are really expensive, they cry a lot, they need constant care, you have to find a sitter anytime you want me time, you get sleep deprived, and if you end up single, you have to work just to make money to buy baby needs. I am not trying to be mean to anyone, just giving insight because I been there. Babies are not something you can play with then put back on the shelf. Cute little babies turn into hyper little toddlers who turn into annoying little kids then mouthy teens who know everything. I know, I still am a mouthy teen and I am raising the cute infant and hyper toddler and some days I want to dig a hole and bury myself just to get some sleep or peace. Goodluck everyone in the choices you make and please be careful because things are not all perfect and fun in the life of a teen mom.


sherry - January 18

I have said this on anther post a while back.Just because you have a car, it goes 100 mpr and you know how to drive it that fast on a regular doen't mean it is the best thing to do.There can be deadly and life long consequences.Part of maturity is being able to take a step back think about it before you act.To mommy,I to have a hyper toddler.Have you ever herd of DART.They are a state run preschool for childern that need extra help in different ways.They are part of head start and the kids get to interact with regular kids as well.It is all free regardless of income.I know I am above the income limit for head start.If a child is 25% or more delayed the automatically qualify no mater how much you make.I hope aleast one young girl thinks twice because of this post.


typo - January 18

It should be MPH not "mpr"


Mommy - January 19

No I have never heard of DART but we have something similar to it here. I'm glad you liked my post, I'm not trying to demean anyone who wants to have kids young because that's their decision and someone saying they don't approve won't change their minds. I'm just trying to explain how it really is. Not like the rosy-cheeked giggling baby 24/7 they have in movies. I really hope they realize what they are in for when they do come up pregnant. I wish them the best of luck and nothing but happiness in life because too many times the story starts out great but ends with sadness.


Kristina - January 19

I agree that teens should not be getting pregnant on purpose, but I also think they shouldn't be put down for being a young mom. Seeing as you are a teen mom you obviously would agree on that one. I am 19, and my daughter is 11 weeks. So I am not all that young...but I LOOK 16 so you should see some of the looks I get sometimes. I am definitly sleep deprived...I really wish I could just ONE NIGHT sleep as much as I want to! Hubby would help but I am b___stfeeding only so he can't help much there. It's hard, I'll admit. I love her more then anything though, and wouldn't take her back for the world.


grown-up - January 21

its about time the truth came from a teen. its far from easy and these young girls really dont know how hard it can get. i hope this helps change the mind of at least 1 young gil. think of your future ladies, that way when a baby comes he/she can have everything they deserve and you can have the time to go out and be young and have fun like u deserve.


Amber - February 2

Mommy-Wow, I really admire you for taking a stand and telling it like it is. And who better of all people?...because you've been there. You know what it's like and you're right. Babies are very hard work and very tiring. I had mine when I was 21 and ended up single and it was very hard and tiring on me. I had to give up a lot of my dreams and postpone them until later in life. I wouldn't take him back for anything in the world, but I it was definitely hard work. You are a courageous WOMAN for doing what you do. And I truly mean a woman, not a little girl, because you sound very mature for your age. You are telling these young girls how life really is with a baby and not making it sound like it's all fun and games. Keep it going and I hope that everything turns out for the best for you and your children! :)


Mommy - February 2

Thank you very much, Amber. :o)


Sian1 - February 2

Iam 22yo and I have 3 children. I had my first when I was 18. I was engaged to the father, but iam now a single mother, and it can get so hard. i had to give up working because I couldnt afford childcare, and boy do I miss working! Another part of being a young mum I noticed, was how most of your friends stop bothering with you after a while because after they ask you to go out with them and your reply is always "sorry, I dont have a babysitter", they stop asking you in the end. Now my only friends are other mums! One thing i am lucky about though is that me and my ex still have a very good relationship and he also has the kids every friday ( not that i spend that friday going out-i'd rather stay home and catch up on some much needed sleep..lol) As hard as it gets though, this is the life I have chosen, my kids are my life and I love them more than anything in this world. In all honesty though, if I could turn back time I would of most definitly waited longer before having children.



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