I M Ready He S Not

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Bb21 - January 16

Hi, I am 21 (22 in March) and my fiance is 22 (23 in june) I have been with my partner from the age of 17 and lived together from the age of 19 and we recently got engaged after 4 years of being together. We both work, are quite sensible with our finances (save when we can) We have helpful, loving families and a solid relationship. I know I have wanted children for a while now, but recently everything feels so right except one thing... my partner doesn't feel ready yet. I'm extremely broody right now but I totally understand that it doesn't feel right for him just yet so i don't want to pressure him whatsoever. I think we are at an "ok" age to start a family and so does my partner but he is worried, he emotionally isn't ready for a child. I'm definately gonna wait for "the right time" for both of us but how can I stop this broodyness! I've never felt like this before ever! I feel so happy knowing that it will all fall into place one day, yet annoyed with myself for wanting something so much that I can't have yet! Any help on how to stop feeling so broody right now!? Thanks x


llorandoxtuamor - January 18

I know, it's so hard. I've had insane baby fever for the past 2 years, roughly. I'm almost 25, my man almost 24. We've been together almost 3 years. Sometimes I want one so bad I don't know what to do. I watch baby shows, read baby forums, think of baby names... we talk about it, and he wants one too, but he doesn't think now is the right time. I feel your pain, girl! Hang in there, I hope it happens soon!


Samoria - January 21

Speaking from the experience of someone who had a baby at age 22, I was far too immature to do it without a lot of help. You can't rush when your partner is ready, and you sure dont want to throw him into that situation unless he is. It would make it a million times harder than it needs to be. Patience. If you're so moody about it all the time, pick up a nanny job or a babysitting job to get your 'baby fix' in the meantime?


jennatwinkie - July 9

The waiting is so hard, I'm a preschool teacher who gets to play with little kids all day, and it only makes it harder. I want two kids and I want to be done with pregnancy by the time I'm 26. They say to have 2 1/2-3 years between for health reasons, I'm 23 years old now. I wish the Baby fever was contagious and I could rub it off onto him!



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