I Really Need A Couple Of Answers

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kei - November 17

1.can a pregnancy test detect a pregnancy that is only 9-10 days after u becoming pregnant? 2. Can ultrasounds be wrong as far as the due date goes? I had a period on april 24 then s_x on april 29 and may 3 after a weekend of a terrible sickness i found out may11,2005 i was pregnant was 12 days later to early to find out i was pregnant? then i had an ultrasound my fifth month which said my edd was 12/21 then at almost eight months i had another that said my edd is 11/19 do u feel that they are wrong? i feel i'm due in january. please help


Susan - November 21

I wonder why no teens are here answering these questions for you. Probably because they have no idea which is the exact reason why so many women jump on these girls for trying to have a baby. Anyway, I know there are at home pregnancy tests that can detect pregnancy 5 days before your period is due, so you'd have to do the math. If you are ovulating on a Monday and have s_x, then you could conceive Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Then it takes a few days for it to come down and implant itself in your lining. So I don't think there is a test to detect it only 9 days after s_x. If you had a period on the 24th, chances are slim (but not impossible) that you ovulated on or around the 29th. May 3rd? Maybe, it's definitely possible. The ultrasounds can be "wrong" but only if the dates that you gave them were wrong to start with. Ultrasounds baby, but your due dates are determined by the dates of your last period and/or ovulation. It is possible that you ovulate late in you cycle which would change the date by about a week or so, so I am really not sure how the date was changed by an entire month.


kendra azor - December 1

i need to know why i gotten pregnant yet after my abortion?


Soleil - December 1

A pregnancy test can detect if you are pregnant as early as 5 days before your due date. A blood test can be done as early as 10 days after ovulation. Im not sure about the ultrasounds, but im pretty sure they are very accurate unless its done way too early. Im not sure about your case about the different due dates, I say just get a second opinion. As for me,,,,, I had my last period before becomming pg on April 9th, 2004. I had a confirmed blood test on the 18th of May and was due Jan.14-16,,,,my baby was born on the 16th of Jan. 2005. I feel you are due in January also.


soleil - December 1

I forgot to mention, i had my first ultrasound done at around 8 weeks and it had said my due date was around the 15th of Jan. Which goes with my last mentrual period if i had a normal 28-30 cycle. But when I had an ultrasound done at 5 mo. it said I was going to be due the very beginning of January. But they told me the most accurate is the first ultrasound they do.


Med Student - December 7

Actually, it can all be totally fallible. The info depends on the interpretation of so many different people with so many different backrounds it is amazing they ever even come close. It isn't likely that a home test will pick up a pregnancy 10 days post conception, but, stranger things have happened. My advise to would be to concentrate on how healthy your baby is and not worry so much about your actual due date. As long as the baby is doing well, your OB will know if it's a bit early or if it's late and needs to be born quickly. The actual due date is rarely known and even if it is, it is rare for babies to be born on that exact date. Try not to stress. You probably don't need the extra pressure anyway! Hope all goes well with you!



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