I Want A Baby Now He Keeps Changing His Mind

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aieshea - May 17

hi, im 22 and want a baby so badly. over the past few months ive been talking to my boyfriend of 3 years about it. he says he wants kids with me but keeps changing his mind about when. he sort of just wants it to happen instead of planning it. but then he's too careful. so i dont think thats ever guna happen. its all i can think about. he says i stress him out and threatens me with us breaking up if i dont stop hassling him. what should i do? i jus want to at least talk about it.


Andraia - May 19

Is he really mature enough to have a child if hes threatening to break up with you for suggesting the possibility, or even talking about it? While you yourself may be ready (which happens often due to women maturing faster then men, not to mention we have a biological ticking clock that screams at us HAVE BABIES NOW) it sounds like he is not. Which is a decision that you have to respect. But it sounds like you need to sit him down and tell him you'll stop 'ha__sling' if you could just have a serious talk about it and discuss the whys. Also, if he says that he just wants it to happen rather than planning it... then sit down and discuss if a child were to be introduced into your lives would he be able to step up and do what needs to be done, all the TLC and everything. Rather than discussing exactly when he to have children. Having a baby is a big deal, its something that you both need to be grown up for.


lesbibaby - June 7

hey, I have the same problem. But im in a lesbian relationship. I really need some help on what to do. There is a 6 year age difference between us. And we both want kids, but how to go about concieving, and when. I mean we want them now but the money side of things hasnt panned out as weel as thought. Someone reply please


Floricica - June 7

It's hard to get pregnant when you try or want to anyways. Your bf is probably right. Just let it happpen. "Stop trying "not to get pregnant"" Meaning, just dont use contraceptives and see what happens. Guys get annoyed when chicks dont stop babbling on and on about the same subject. I want to have another child but we talked about it he said sure great idea n thats it i stopped talking about it. If I sat around dreaming bout the child all day and talking about it all day to my bf he would snap n be like screw this.


Floricica - June 7

As for having a child in a lesbian relationship, I am not sure how you want to go about doing it. If you have the money then go ahead and do it. If you will be doing the whole sperm doner thing, then you will need to go to a clinic that specialyzses in the insamination process. AND you need a lot of money for it. I think the best way to start is to phone a couple clinics, make an appointment to talk with the doctor and find out more information.



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